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"Lilian is mine! And one way or the other, I will get her back!"
—Philip Moses to Stacy Doubek[src]

Philip Mark Moses is a criminal and the father of Lily Doubek.


Early life

Philip was born in New York. At some point, he felt in love with Stacy Doubek and had a child with her in Chicago. At some point, Stacy found out about Philip's criminal activity and when she ran away with Lily, he sent Roy and Bodey Nuff to track her.[1]

Tracking by Stacy

In 1990, He arrived at his mansion at Central City. He commentated that he was there 10 years ago and the city was in better shape. He asked Roy why he failed to retrieve his daughter and Bodey revealed that the Flash prevented Stacy's capture. Later, thanks to a tracker inside Stacy's necklace, he managed to determine that she was hiding inside Nora Allen's house. Later, she found Stacy roaming the street and discovered that she faked having Lily on her and angered, he told her to get inside his car. Back at the mansion, he asked where was Lily, but she explains that she would prefer that his kid was raised by strangers rather than him which angered him, and he told her that she has 24 hours to gave away her location or Bodey would torture her. When Stacy escaped, he tracked her down to Barry Allen's apartment and knocked Tina McGee out before taking the child. When they tried to take the car, the Flash took the child before the car drove away. Some time later, due to a mole in the police, he managed to avoid a trap and sent Roy to his arrest before retrieving the Child from the precinct. In the car, he showed Lily his 10 million Bearer bond that would make them rich once they left the country but Dave Mills arrested their car and revealed that his cover was blown and that they must take him with them but as an answer, he killed him. At the plane, after Bodey failed to stop the Flash, he accidentally dropped his suit case with all his Bearer bond and since his plane's propeller were on, it shrewd all the paper leaving the Flash to arrest him and delivered him and Bodey to the police.[1]


  • Ultrasound device: Philip has an ultrasound device that could temporary disorient the Flash.[1]
  • Shuriken: Philip has a Shuriken that he used to kill Dave Mills.[1]


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