"Is that part of the ritual, too?"
"I hope not. If John can't exorcise the demon himself, this will definitely do the trick."
—Zed and Chas[src]

The Phurba is a ceremonial dagger in Tibetan tradition.


At some point Phurba had become a staple item in Tibetan mysticism. John Constantine carried one Phurba while visiting Mexico City. Item remained with Chas Chandler in case he needed to kill John if demon Pazuzu who was possessing him at the times, takes control. Chas handed it over to Zed Martin, who smuggled it into a prison in which Constantine was held.[1]

Later, during an attempted exorcism Anne Marie Flynn used Phurba on Nahash, while he attempted to assassinate and, later, tempt him to keep the demon inside. While stabbed, Nahash collapsed into a pile of snakes.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Exorcism: Phurba allows to damage demons such as Nahash or Phurba, dissolving their physical forms, or banishing them from host bodies, at the expense of host's heart.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • The kīla or phurba (Sanskrit Devanagari: कील; IAST: kīla; Tibetan: ཕུར་བ, Wylie: phur ba, pronunciation between pur-ba and pur-pu, alternate transliterations and English orthographies: phurpa, phurbu, purbha, or phurpu) is a three-sided peg, stake, knife, or nail-like ritual implement traditionally associated with Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Bön, and Indian Vedic traditions.


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