"Look at me. No matter how much the world hurts, you're still a Pierce. You say yes. We say yes. We say yes because it matters. We say yes because we honor those we love, because we're loyal to their memory, because we do not give up on them or ourselves. Right?"
Jefferson Pierce to Jennifer Pierce[src]

The Pierce family is a prominent family in Freeland.


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New multiverse

On Earth-Prime, the history of the Pierce family follows similarly to that of their Earth-TUD5 counterparts.

Cassius Pierce had two children, Ben Pierce and Tyson Sykes, by two different women.[1]

The family was reunited after Lynn Stewart was kidnapped and taken to Markovia; Jefferson, Lynn, Jennifer live together in the Pierce house while Anissa has her own place that she shares with her girlfriend Grace Choi. The family decided not to keep secrets and discussed Lynn's addiction to Glimmer, Jennifer's mercenary work for the A.S.A. and Jefferson's experiences during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[2]

Meanwhile, Tyson Sykes sought to make Markovia a nation for Meta-humans so he planned an attack on Freeland to capture its powered residents, causing the War for Freeland. Before Anissa could marry her lover, Sykes began his invasion;[1] during the battle, Anissa was forced to put Grace in a coma.

After the battle, where Sykes is believed to have been killed but the meta-humans saved, the Pierce family testified before a tribunal of judges, causing the disbandment of the A.S.A.[3]

Known members


  • Jefferson Pierce (Unnamed's ex-husband, Anissa and Gen's father; deceased)
  • Unnamed (Jefferson's ex-wife, Anissa and Gen's mother)
  • Anissa Pierce (Jefferson and Unnamed’s daughter, Gen's sister)
  • Gen Pierce (Jefferson and Unnamed's daughter, Anissa's sister)


  • Unnamed (Lynn’s ex-husband, Unnamed and Jinn's father; deceased)
  • Lynn (Unnamed's ex-wife, Unnamed and Jinn's mother; deceased)
  • Unnamed (Unnamed and Lynn's daughter, Jinn's sister; deceased)
  • Jinn Pierce (Unnamed and Lynn’s daughter, Unnamed's sister)


Black Lightning's team (Earth-Prime).png

  • Alvin Pierce (Jefferson's father, Anissa and Jennifer's grandfather; deceased)
  • Jefferson Pierce (Alvin's son, Peter's foster son, Lynn's ex-husband, Anissa and Jennifer's father)
  • Lynn Stewart (Jefferson's ex-wife, Anissa and Jennifer's mother)
  • Anissa Pierce (Alvin's granddaughter, Jefferson and Lynn's daughter, Jennifer's sister, Peter's honorary niece)
  • Jennifer Pierce (Alvin's granddaughter, Jefferson and Lynn's daughter, Anissa's sister, Peter's honorary niece)
  • Peter Gambi (Jefferson's foster father, Anissa and Jennifer's honorary uncle)


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