The Pierce house is the home of the Pierce family.


Returning from Markovia, the Pierce family has dinner together and decides that they will not hide secrets from one another. Lynn starts by revealing that she had the drug Glimmer stashed in the bathroom while Anissa tells everyone that she loves Grace Choi; Jennifer reveals that as she worked for the A.S.A., Odell had her kill people. Jefferson tells the family that he helped to save the universe during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[1]

After being attacked by Painkiller, Jennifer meets with Khalil Payne on the roof and ends their relationship.[2]

Known individuals

Known residents

Former residents


Black Lightning


  • The building is located at 519 Malcolm Drive.[3]
    • The street name is likely a reference to Malcolm X, a prominent African-American minister and human rights activist during the civil rights movement.


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