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The Pike (died 2021) was an assassin and a member of the Many Arms of Death.


At some point, he became an assassin working for Safiyah Sohail and joined the Many Arms of Death.

One night, as Garrett Hall was talking to Jacob Kane about the location of Coryana, he killed the former and was captured by Batwoman after defeating two Crows agents. He then was moved to the Batcave, where Batwoman held him prisoner for some time.

Later, he was interrogated by Jacob Kane and Sophie Moore with Batwoman watching. During the interrogation, Pike told the group that the Napier painting was a map to Coryana. He then committed suicide with a cyanide pill.[1]


  • Stealth: Pike was extremely secretive, being able to approach other individuals without being sensed.
  • Master spear wielder: Pike was highly skilled at using a spear in combat.


  • Tactical spear: Pike wields a tactical spear as his primary melee weapon.



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