"Pilot" is the first episode of The Flash. It aired on September 20, 1990.


Police chemist Barry Allen's life radically changes one night when his lightning strikes his lab--and the combination of chemicals and incredible electrical power transform him into the fastest human on earth, The Flash.[1]


  • Although Paula Marshall (Iris West) was intended to be a regular character on the series, she was written out after the pilot.
  • Technically, this is the very first episode of the Arrowverse. However, the shared multiverse didn't actually start until CW's Arrow​ first premiered in 2012. CBS's The Flash​ was confirmed as part of the Arrowverse in 2018, during the Elseworlds​ crossover event.
  • S.T.A.R. Labs is located at 50 Garrick Avenue. This is a reference to the Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick.
    • It could also be argued that Jay Allen, Barry's brother and a police officer, is an adaptation of sorts to Jay Garrick.


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