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"What's that mean? 'Get inside'?"
—Pino's last words[src]

Pino Bertinelli (died October 2016) was a crime boss and the leader of the Bertinelli crime family after Frank Bertinelli's death. His organization was infiltrated by the newcomer Tobias Church in 2016, leading to Pino's death.


Pino Bertinelli took over the Bertinelli crime family at an unspecified point in time after Frank Bertinelli lost control over the organization.

In 2016, Pino attended a meeting of Star City criminal bosses, held by Tobias Church. Church called for a united leadership over the criminal organizations, implying that he would be the overall leader, telling the other bosses that, as a newcomer, it was easy for him to get inside their groups. When Pino cocksurely asked what he meant by "getting inside", he was shot from behind by one of the Bertinelli family's thugs, who was working for Church all along.[1]


Sometime after Pino's death, Jerry Bertinelli (somewhat reluctantly) took over the Bertinelli crime family.[2]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Pino Bertinelli is the son of Franco and Maria Bertinelli.
  • Although the character isn't referred to as "Pino" on-screen, called only "Mr. Bertinelli" by Tobias Church, his first name is listed in the ending credits of the episode.