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Pliny X19 is a planet with pink skies located in Earth-Prime. The planet has three moons.[1]


Pliny X19 was controlled by Bishop, who has been terraforming the planet in an attempt to make it suitable for humans to live on.[1] At some point, Bishop kidnapped Amelia Earhart and taken her to Pliny X19, where she was tested with Zaguron DNA, turning her into an alien-human hybrid.[2]

In 2020, Sara Lance and Gary Green managed to escape from Kayla's spaceship and ended up on Pliny X19, where they find Amelia. She helped them briefly but ended up revealing herself as half Zaguron and attacked them. They managed to escape but Sara ended up injured.[1] She was retrieved by Ava's clones and taken to Bishop, who kept her in his facility on the planet until her death, but she was cloned and also turned into a hybrid.[3][4]

Later, Kayla helped the Legends and went to Pliny X19 with Mick Rory, where they eventually got laid during an attack by the Zaguron. Eventually, the Legends rescued Sara and Gary from the planet and returned to Earth.[2][5]

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