Plunder's rifle is a futuristic weapon that is used by Jared Morillo. The rifle is capable of firing several different types of futuristic ammunition including sonic waves, laser bolts, and heat-seeking bullets, along with a self-automated targeting system that automatically fires ordnance even if not being held by the user.


In early 2017, Jared Morillo used the rifle in a series of high-profile jewel thefts until he was caught by The Flash and Kid Flash. Barry Allen confiscated the rifle and brought it to Cisco Ramon for analysis. Before Morillo was caught, the rifle was shown with Harrison Wells on a rooftop aiming at Savitar when Cisco vibed with Barry to a possible future.

A similar version of the rifle was seen with the Electric Gang, trying to sell it until The Flash, who showed up and intervened. Later, an arms dealer had this rifle when he was about to kill Iris West until Kid Flash stopped him.[1]

Joe West used this rifle while Abra Kadabra infiltrated S.T.A.R. Labs and attacked Team Flash.[2] Joe then used the rifle again in a failed attempt to stop Savitar from killing "Iris".[3]

Cisco holding a weapon

Cisco aims the rifle at Breacher.

The rifle was used by Cisco when he attempted to trap Breacher.[4]


The Flash

Season 3

Season 4


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