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Pollux (died 1991) was a clone of Barry Allen.


Pollux was created as a test subject for a super-soldier. He later escaped the lab after his mistreatment by some of the scientists there. He later learned who he was and returned and killed his former creators. In the end he took a bullet for the Flash and died of his injuries.[1]

Powers and abilities



  • Suit: Pollux wore a suit to hide his identity.[1]


The Flash


  • Pollux's name comes from Castor and Pollux, the Gemini twins from Greek mythology.
  • Pollux has some similarities to Savitar in Earth-1.
    • Both use mythological names; Pollux comes from Greek mythology while Savitar comes from Vedic mythology.
    • Both are duplicates of Barry; Pollux is a clone, while Savitar is a time remnant.
    • Both wear suits with blue. Pollux's suit is a blue version of Barry's suit while Savitar's armor uses light blue as lightning of his armor.
    • Both die after getting shot. Pollux died to save Barry, but Savitar was killed by Iris West to save Barry from him.