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"Who is the Turtle?"
"It's Cisco's white whale."
"Half whale, half turtle."
"No! See? You're confusing him!
Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Jay Garrick, and Cisco Ramon

"Potential Energy" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the second season of The Flash, and the thirty-third episode overall. It aired on January 19, 2016.



The scene opens with Barry meeting Patty for a date. After incidentally consuming the blossoms with his super speed, he discloses to her that he is so fortunate to have her — and afterward she's grabbed away by Zoom, conveyed to the head of a structure and tossed to her demise.

Barry awakens in bed close to Patty in a frenzy.

At the Police Department the following day, Joe and Iris are strolling Wally around. Commander Singh stops and presents himself, saying that Joe is an incredible analyst. Wally says, "Clearly not," and Singh leaves. They welcome Wally over for supper, and he concurs after quickly standing up to. Before he leaves, he sees someone being arrested who appears to know him.

Patty joins Joe and Iris, requesting to be pardoned to converse with Iris; she needs to discuss Barry.

At Jitters, she requests help figuring Barry out, saying that he's watched, has been having bad dreams, and won't let her assistance him. Iris says to converse with Barry; that he has a propensity for conveying the heaviness of the world on his shoulders.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells pitches a fit after a portion of his conditions don't work out. Cisco comes in and asks him what he's chipping away at, and says that as opposed to taking a shot at approaches to make Barry quicker, they should attempt to discover another approach to make Zoom more slow — to take Zoom's speed. Wells is interested. Cisco says they need The Turtle.

In the primary lab, Cisco uncovers that he's been following a metahuman he calls The Turtle. Everybody except Barry and Harrison definitely thought about him. There was a progression of burglaries apparently dedicated at rapid, however as a general rule, the culprit was easing back everything around him to a creep and afterward simply strolling in and seeming as though he was moving at speed.

Barry finds an example in the Turtle's cases: he's taking things of gigantic individual incentive to individuals. He likewise observes that an ongoing burglary — the Vandervoort precious stones — will be come back to their proprietor at the Police Department today in a service. He hustles there, yet can't prevent the turtle from taking a valued ring directly out of the proprietor's hands, with cops and columnists holding on.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, they verify that whatever the Turtle did didn't influence Barry for all time. Wells and Jay make sense of that Barry could move — yet extremely gradually — in light of the fact that the Turtle takes individuals' motor vitality and transforms it into possible vitality — however Barry can change over his vitality quicker than any other person.

Jay feels remorseful that he can't help against the Turtle, however when Caitlin inquires as to whether he needs to chip away at getting his speed back, he says no — he previously attempted.

At the police division, Barry and Joe are discussing how apprehensive Joe is tied in with meeting with Wally.

Joe leaves, and Patty comes in, inquiring as to whether all is well and offering to be there for him on the off chance that he needs anything. He asks her out on the town today around evening time, saying that he's making some hard memories managing New Years since it's near the commemoration of his mother's demise.

At the West home that night, Wally doesn't appear for supper. Iris is baffled, yet Joe is simply happy Barry and Iris are there to remain by him.

Iris asks Barry for what reason he's been so peaceful, and he concedes that he's having issues with Patty. Iris concedes she advised Patty to converse with him, and comes clean with Barry he ought to uncover about The Flash to Patty before it drives a wedge between them.

Back at the lab, Cisco has a hypothesis with respect to who the Turtle's next objective will be: there's an as of late recuperated painting going in plain view at an exhibition hall occasion. Barry needs to call Patty and inquire as to whether she needs to change their easygoing supper plans to a progressively upscale, dark tie variant of the night. She concurs.

Barry tells the group this is the night he's going to reveal to Patty that he's The Flash, and they're uncertain, however steady. Wells, then again, advises Barry not to do it since if Zoom discovers he thinks about this young lady, Zoom will utilize her against him.

Afterward, at the affair, Barry is hitting the dance floor with Patty and going to admit his mystery to her when he pardons himself — he's seen the Turtle.

Then, Wells is holding up in the van with Cisco. He reveals to Cisco the account of how Zoom got his name — that he slaughtered 14 cops, left one alive to recount to the story, that official portrayed blue lightning zooming around. That official was slaughtered that night at his home. Cisco reveals to Wells that on the off chance that he ever needs him to vibe to monitor Jesse, he will, yet Wells disclose to him he knows she's alive.

Patty is befuddled by his choice to flee mid-move, yet much progressively concerned when she sees the Turtle attempting to take the artwork odd. She threatens to use a firearm on him, however he freezes the individuals in the room, including Patty. The Flash surges in, yet The Turtle figures out how to trap him into getting eased back somewhere near taking Patty's firearm and firing a ceiling fixture, which powers Barry to push his cutoff points to spare Patty.

He moves her, yet is struck by the falling installation and must be hauled away by Caitlin and Jay, disregarding Patty in obscurity.

Back at S.T.A.R., there's no indication of Turtle or the work of art. At the point when Cisco makes reference to Patty, however, Barry hurries off to keep an eye on her.

Jay asks Caitlin to talk in private, and pours her a measuring glass brimming with champagne in the lab since she never got hers at the function.

At her loft, Patty is irate about Barry not being straightforward with her, and about his running off and leaving her to nearly get executed. She mentions to him to make sense of what he needs, and leaves.

Somewhere else, Wally West ends up in a road race. In the wake of winning, the washout turns over his vehicle keys - and Wally is satisfied with himself until he sees Joe watching.The two contend, with Wally saying he needs to do this to help pay for his mom's doctor's visit expenses, and dismissing Joe's proposal to help pay for her before he stomps off.

At Patty's condo, she's gazing at an unopened envelope from Midway City University when The Turtle goes to her entryway. She attempts to shoot him yet he stops the projectiles, take the firearm and utilizations it to hijack her, "to hurt The Flash."

Not long after, Barry shows up and makes sense of what more likely than not occurred when he finds the spent shell housings on the floor. He calls Joe and instructs him to met him at S.T.A.R.

At his refuge, The Turtle reveals to Patty that his significant other underestimated him, and that he saw that individuals underestimate excessively, which is the reason he takes the things that mean the most to them. He uncovers that he has taken his significant other, and has her in a glass case, and he has another glass case he's set up for Patty.

At S.T.A.R., Cisco says The Turtle has tumbled off the framework, however they reallze that he needs a major space to store all the stuff he's been taking. Cisco makes sense of that The Turtle's significant other used to fill in as a filer at a library that has been closed down for quite a long time. Barry heads there, his solitary methodology to get together enough dynamic vitality to make his move between explosions of the Turtle's forces.

At the point when Flash shows up, Turtle figures out how to back him off and punch him to the ground; rather than going ahead, Barry runs back outside and around again to get more energy, this time effectively taking The Turtle out and liberating Patty, who embraces him, crying.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Turtle wakes in the Pipeline, where Flash discloses to him that currently, he's their most valued belonging. They lock him up and leave. Barry says Patty is alright, and Team Flash leaves in their different ways, yet Caitlin corners Jay, revealing to him that she knows he's wiped out. She says that Jay realizes she lost Ronnie, and she's disturbed that he let her draw near to him realizing that she'd lose him, as well. Jay said he didn't expect any of what has occurred, and when Caitlin says she needs to figure out how to support him, Jay says the best way to spare him is to get his speed back and the best way to do that is to stop Zoom.

At Joe's home, Wally stops in to get a sweater he abandoned. The two have a short heart-to-heart, where Joe says they should take their relationship moderate. Wally says he'll remain and have Chinese take-out with Joe as a beginning before he leaves town.

The following morning at the police division, Barry inquires as to whether she has the opportunity to talk. He needs to reveal to her his mystery, yet she first attempts to pass him over and in the end admits to him that she is leaving town to go to Midway City University's CSI program, and their relationship must be finished.

In the pipeline, Harrison Wells records a message for his girl, promising that he's wanting her. He makes the way for The Turtle's cell and shoots something into the man's nose, murdering him.

Elsewhere, The Reverse-Flash comes out of an evident time-travel run, and asks Gideon "Where the hell am I?"



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