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{{Quote|'''Barry Allen:''' Who is [[Russell Glosson|the Turtle?]] <br> '''Caitlin Snow:''' It's Cisco's white whale. <br> '''Jay Garrick:''' Half whale, half turtle.|[[Barry Allen]], [[Caitlin Snow]] and [[Hunter Zolomon|Jay Garrick]]}}
|name= Potential Energy
|name= Potential Energy

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"Barry Allen: Who is the Turtle?
Caitlin Snow: It's Cisco's white whale.
Jay Garrick: Half whale, half turtle.
Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow and Jay Garrick
"Potential Energy" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the second season of The Flash, and the thirty-third episode overall. It aired on January 19, 2016.


Now that they've grown closer, Barry considers telling Patty that he is The Flash. Meanwhile, Joe and Iris try to get to know Wally, and the team hunts down a meta-human who can slow time itself.[1]





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