"Potential Energy" is the ???th episode of The Flash. It aired on January 19, 2016.

"Potential Energy" is the tenth episode of the second season of The Flash, and the thirty-third episode overall. It aired on January 19, 2016.


Now that they've grown closer, Barry considers telling Patty that he is The Flash. Meanwhile, Joe and Iris try to get to know Wally, and the team hunts down a meta-human who can slow time itself.[1]


  • Russell Glosson is based on the villains Turtle Man and his predecessor The Turtle.
  • The Vandervoort diamonds are likely a reference to actress Laura Vandervoort, who played Supergirl on Smallville and also Indigo on Supergirl.
  • Patty tells Barry that she is planning to attend Midway City University. Midway City is the home of Hawkman and Hawkwoman in the comics. It is also the base of operations of the Doom Patrol.
  • Cisco refers to The Turtle as a "30-something, meta-human, not-a-Ninja-Turtle".
  • The Turtle hiding in Naydel Library is a reference to the character's co-creator Martin Naydel.
  • This is Eobard Thawne's first true appearance since his "death" in the Season 1 finale "Fast Enough".
  • This is the first new episode to air in the year 2016.




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