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"Good evening, fair citizens of Gotham City. Black Mask here. I ask you to look past this ghoulish veil and realize it is not the affectation of a madman but rather the necessary concealment of an altruist, does one fix a broken city? Well, I've heard the phrase 'Defund the Police' bandied about. Please. The GCPD can't afford the hole in its doughnut. Well, what about Arkham Asylum, that house of horrors that you fund with your tax dollars, or Blackgate Prison, too violent for Jacob Kane, loving father of lunatic at large Alice of Wonderland? Well, how about Gotham City Hall then or the judges or the D.A. or the banks, all chock full of predatory degenerates so crooked they've got to screw their pants on in the morning? And don't even get me started on Batwoman, operating without checks or balances, leaving the collateral damage of an untold number of innocents in her wake. Why are we allowing these self-serving bandits to dictate to us what the terms fair and just mean? We should be dictating these terms to them, so I'm asking you to join me for an evening of anarchy. Help me raze every single one of these moldering institutions to their foundations. I've dropped masks at a dozen street corners. Stand up, strap one on, become your own vigilante, and when the dust finally settles over our failed system, well, Black Mask will still be standing, ready to lead you to your liberation because you know what they say about power, huh? Use it...or lose it."
Black Mask broadcasts to the citizens of Gotham City.

"Power" is the eighteenth and final episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the thirty-eighth episode overall. It aired on June 27, 2021.



Black Mask assumes control over Gotham's TV wireless transmissions, approaching Gotham residents to wear their own Black Masks and destroy the frameworks of mistreatment in Gotham. Circe wears another refreshed rendition of the Batwoman outfit. He then, at that point slices the capacity to all of Gotham City.

In the murkiness, Ryan composes a letter to Gotham City about her residency as Batwoman, and questions whether she can in any case be Batwoman. The Bat Team attempts to sort out what to do straightaway, and Luke gives them walkie-talkies. Ryan, Luke, and Sophie in the end sort out where Black Mask may be communicating from.

Alice appears and unites with Ryan and Sophie, similarly collectively of Black Masks assault outside and nearly kill the civic chairman. Ryan gives Sophie her walkie-talkie, and proposes that she and Alice ought to invade Black Mask's safe-house. Ryan and Alice drive to the hideaway, and Ryan contends that Alice doesn't merit her pardoning. Alice attempts to turn the way that Ryan's mother passed on in labor against her, and Ryan slaps her.

Away, Luke discovers drawings he did as a child, of what his own adaptation of the Batman ensemble would resemble — with Lucius' estimations added to them. He then, at that point discovers a completely working suit that Lucius worked for him.

Black Mask infuses Tavaroff with a portion of Bane's toxin, which the Snakebite is required to check the results off. While Tavaroff is being infused, Black Mask discloses to Circe his arrangement - cause disorder, and afterward coordinate having another person wear the Black Mask so Roman Sionis can freely execute him and be delegated the legend of the city. Tavaroff flatlines and is thrown about by Black Mask, and winds up at Mary's emergency clinic, where she sees that he's become greater. Mary radios Luke and proposes that they open Kate to Snakebite to trigger her recollections - however, she gets derailed Tavaroff awakens and assaults her. Tavaroff pursues Mary up a framework, yet Luke - as Batwing - appears and saves her.

Black Masks plunder the city, and even annihilate the Batsignal. Ryan and Alice advance into Sionis' sanctuary, and continue to battle Circe.

Vesper peruses Batwoman's letter on the radio, which closes with Ryan approaching the residents of Gotham to ascend and be their own legends. Mary gives Ryan a shower of Snakebite to offer Circe to trigger the recollections of Kate, however Ryan stresses that she can't battle her without the suit. Ryan then, at that point sees that various Gotham residents have balanced their Black Masks in their windows to make the framework of the Batsignal.

Sionis battle Alice, and contends that she's never going to be a full miscreant. Alice splashes Sionis with the Joker lapel shower, consuming his face with corrosive.

In the Batmobile, Ryan pursues Circe on her cruiser, finishing in them battling on a scaffold. Alice appears and splashes Circe with the Snakebite - however, in the battle, the two of them are sent plunging over an extension. In a callback to the pilot, both Circe and Alice are stuck gliding submerged, and are set off into recollecting different recollections. Alice is taken to a dream with Ocean, understanding that she needs to appropriately bid farewell to him. He advises her to recognize her sentiments and to continue to pursue them. Circe, in the mean time, is taken to the youthful Kate discovering Beth held hostage in the fortification and instead of leaving, she liberates her. Alice hauls Circe out of the water and Ryan hurries to help them, utilizing CPR to restore Circe. Circe awakens - as Kate - and perceives Alice as Beth. All of a sudden, cops appear and capture Alice.

The following day, Gotham starts to modify, and Vesper reveals to Batwoman that they don't acknowledge her acquiescence. Ryan goes to her parole hearing, where she contends that she has changed in the time since her delivery from jail, since she began accepting her own force and what she's able to do. She is delivered from her parole.

Kate, Mary, and Luke drink brews and make up for lost time. Kate asks Luke how he got his own Batwing suit and Luke uncovers it was motivated by him drawing what he'd thought a "Dark Batman" would resemble. Kate discusses her "plans" for the future, and accepts that she can't save Alice until she needs to be saved as Beth. Ryan appears, and Kate and her discussion one-on-one. Ryan says thanks to her for transforming herself with the Batwoman image, and Kate says that the image is Ryan's forever. Ryan acknowledges and vows to deal with Luke and Mary.

Kate meets Sophie at The Hold Up, where she reveals to her that she's leaving Gotham - to see Jacob and afterward Kara in National City, and afterward to find what befell Bruce. Sophie kisses her before she leaves.

The Bat Team modifies the Batsuit and the Batcave, and Ryan concludes that they should look for the missing Batman prizes and that they should fabricate the new public venue on top of Mary's medical clinic.

Ryan visits Alice in Arkham (whose cell is close to Sionis) and discloses to her that her capture was confirmation that the framework works. Alice then, at that point uncovers that Ryan's mom is as yet alive.

The Batman prizes wash up coastal - including Poison Ivy's plants, which start to crawl up on shore.



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  • This episode was originally intended to be the penultimate episode of Season 2.[1]
  • Roman Sionis planning to have one of his goons wear his mask to fake his own death is a reference to the video game Batman: Arkham Origins, where Black Mask enlists his right-hand man Giovanni Luchese to wear his mask out of precaution, causing the latter to be killed by The Joker.
  • Roman having his mask welded into his face due to Alice's use of the Joker's acid flower is adapted from Batman #387, where his comic-counterpart's mask ends up being permanently charred into his skin after falling into a fire. In addition, after this, Black Mask ends up being taken to Arkham Asylum, as also seen in the episode.
  • Alice rescuing Kate from drowning is similar to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where Captain America is saved by Bucky Barnes from the same fate. Furthermore, Kate's role is akin to Bucky's, as both were previously thought to have died before being revealed to be alive and brainwashed.
  • After Kate regained her memories, Luke and Mary tell her about the events of "I'll Give You a Clue".
  • Kate calling Mary a “little birdie” is a nod to her comic-counterpart’s alter ego, Flamebird.
  • During her goodbye scene with Sophie, Kate mentions that she is going to see a "friend" in National City, very similar to "O, Mouse!", the season finale of Season 1.
  • This is the first and only episode of Season 2 that does not feature Ryan Wilder suited up in the Batsuit.


  • Alice performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Kate incorrectly, as she doesn't cover Kate's mouth and exhale forcibly to fill her lungs.
    • This mistake previously occurred when Kate resuscitated Alice in "The Rabbit Hole".