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"Someone told me the only way to change the future is to start doing things differently now."
Rene Ramirez on changing the future.

"Present Tense" is the fourth episode of the eighth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-sixty-fourth episode overall. It aired on November 5, 2019.



Oliver takes William and Mia back to his loft and the three have a go at getting up to speed. Naturally stirred up by the new turns of events, Mia makes some hard memories grappling with what's happening. As William comes out to his dad, an obscure hired fighter dressed as Deathstroke bombs the medical clinic. ARGUS illuminates Oliver it's not Slade or his child, driving Team Arrow to give finding a shot who's co-picked the Deathstroke mantle.

As they're working, Curtis (Echo Kellum) makes his Arrow return since he was called by Oliver. The last requests that Curtis figure out some texture taken from Earth-2 in order to come up with a barrier component against the world-eating vitality. Funnies, isn't that so?

2040 Team Arrow set out to really focus and visit the HQ of the Deathstroke Gang in right now. There, they reveal the character of the new Deathstroke — Grant Wilson, the other child of Slade that Oliver and Connor had recently met. The group unintentionally sets off a trigger for a bomb, driving Oliver, Laurel, and Dinah to show up and spare them. They discover Grant's attempting to level the city.

The two crews' failure to cooperate from the outset prompts a fracture, where 2040 Team Arrow gives everything away about the future — how Star City is in low quality, how JJ is the new Deathstroke, and how JJ slaughters Zoe. The groups split up to do different parts of the examination — Laurel and Mia head to the emergency clinic while Curtis, Oliver, and William chip away at unscrambling information they figure out how to reveal. This permits Diggle and Rene to invest energy with their youngsters after the ongoing disclosures.

After the information is unscrambled, the reveal Grant's full plans. The two groups present appropriate reparations (just as superheroes would) and takedown Grant and his system of bombs. Subsequent to bringing down the trouble makers, everybody offers some kind of reparation in the group. Rene reports his bid for city board, Diggle begins preparing with Connor, and Dinah and Laurel begin laying the preparation for a system of Canary vigilantes.


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Preparation ran from August 6 until August 14, 2019. Shooting ran from August 15 until August 27, 2019.[2]