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"Prey" is the second chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on October 17, 2012.



Corrupt CEO Scott Morgan recounts the events of last night:

Scott was at home waiting for some "company" he ordered. While laying in bed, he was suddenly ambushed by The Hood. The vigilante knew that Scott's electricity plant was siphoning off of Central City's grid and causing brownouts in The Glades. The Hood gave Scott six hours to turn over his company's daily wattage logs to the energy commission and police. Scott was quick to act, remembering what happened with Adam Hunt.[1]

Scott ordered all of his plant's data to be downloaded onto a hard drive before blowing the facility up; he had spent $1 million to build explosives into the plant's construction and another $1 million to bury the trigger code into the maintenance algorithms, which he intended to set off. After the trigger was activated, Scott's bodyguard brought him the hard drive, assuring him that no one else had the chance to copy it as the former had killed them. Scott took the drive and shot his bodyguard dead.

Scott then attempted to flee, but was confronted by The Hood, who shot at an arrow at him. However, the arrow was caught by Scott's main bodyguard, who fought the vigilante. Despite being a former member of the Israeli military, the bodyguard was quickly incapacitated by The Hood, much to the shock of Scott, who described the vigilante as "not human". The Hood prompted Scott to hand over the drive, which he did. Just then, the explosives began to detonate and Scott escaped before the chain reactions started.

In the present, Scott warns Malcolm Merlyn and Moira Queen that he believes the vigilante is still alive and is concerned since the drive implicates them. However, Malcolm corrects that the drive implicates him and reveals that the SCPD received it 30 minutes prior, hanging off an arrow. Malcolm's bodyguard then shoots Scott dead despite his pleading, much to Moira's discomfort. Malcolm asks Moira for her opinion on the situation. She states that Scott was "sloppy" and they need to be careful about the vigilante.