"I didn't know you had a..."
"I don't; not anymore. Because of the Blight. Her name was Preya. She was quiet, and stuck to herself. But she always had my back. Then, one day she was gone."
Kara Danvers and Imra Ardeen on Preya[src]

Preya Ardeen is a Titanian and the sister of Imra Ardeen.


Preya Ardeen was born in the 31st century on Saturn's moon Titan. She had a sister, Imra, and the two were very close.[1]

Erased future

When the Blight began rampaging throughout the universe, Preya was amongst its victims and eventually died of the plague.[1]

Current timeline

With Pestilence's death in the 21st century, the Blight ceased to exist. As a result, Preya and all the Worldkiller's other victims survived.[2]


Erased future

Imra was deeply haunted by Preya's death and became determined to bring her sister back through any means necessary. To this end, Imra traveled back to the 21st century with The Legion to kill Pestilence before she evolved into the Blight.[1][3]

When Psi accidentally used her psychic powers on Imra, the latter experienced a troubling vision of Preya's death - her greatest fear.[4]


Preya was noted to be a shy, introverted woman, unlike her sister, Imra Ardeen. Despite this, the two shared a strong bond.[1]



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