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The Prime Phantom is a Zulian Maletarian from the Phantom Zone.


Early life

The being known as "Prime Phantom" originated from a dark planet at the edge of the Rao system. He and the other Zulian Maletarians were forced to flee for unknown reasons. After that, they planned to dominate the planets until the Kryptonians banished them to the Phantom Zone.[1]

Leaving the Phantom Zone

"We didn't send all of the phantoms back to the Phantom Zone; one got out."
J'onn J'onzz[src]

When Silas White opened a portal to the Phantom Zone in order to retrieve Supergirl, Phantoms, including Prime Phantom, escaped to Earth-Prime. As the other phantoms were forced to retreat, Prime Phantom possessed the body of Silas. When Silas returned to his apartment, Prime Phantom exited,[2] scratched Silas and his roommates, and departed into National City.[1]

Phantom pandemic

Prime Phantom created new progeny and caught the attention of the National City police department; M'gann M'orzz tried to capture Prime Phantom but she was scratched and infected. Just as the Superfriends arrived, Prime Phantom used a portal to leave; the Superfriends were too distracted with the welfare of M'gann to pursue. Later, Prime Phantom brought a group of his progeny with him to attack the Tower; though the others were captured, Prime Phantom, who directly attacked Kelly Olsen as she defended the unconscious M'gann, was able to escape containment.[1]

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Prime Phantom was used as a bloodhound to find Kara Danvers in the Phantom Zone when the Superfriends entered the dimension. Its presence on their ship was disturbing to the team, as many members had visions of fear involving it.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Zulian Maletarian physiology: As a Zulian Maletarian, the Prime Phantom has special abilities.
    • Fear projection: The Prime Phantom has the ability to project the fears of others in a number of ways.
    • Infection: Phantoms are capable of infecting others when they attack if they get close enough to cut their target(s).
    • Cryokinesis: Phantoms are capable of generating extreme coldness and ice.
    • Teleportation: The Prime Phantom was somehow able to open a portal that engulfed him in order to escape from the containment chamber built by the Superfriends.
    • Flight:
    • Life-Force Detection: Phantoms are capable of honing in on the life-forces of other creatures.



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