"That is the thing about teaching. It's not about what you want to say. It's about what they need to hear. Remember first thing i taught you? Living is not for the weak. Your children are not weak, Oliver. They're also not children. Whatever it is you have to say, they can handle it. If you do not, they will never learn to be heroes."
Anatoly's advice to Oliver on hiding the truth from his children.
"Prochnost" is the fifth episode of the eighth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-sixty-fifth episode overall. It aired on November 19, 2019.


Upon learning the key to oppose The Monitor, Oliver and team return to Russia on a mission to gather the necessary materials. Diggle reunites with a figure from his past.[src]


Oliver and Mia are training in the Team Arrow bunker when William busts in with some news: Curtis has found a Russian general looking to build a Pulse Wave Generator, something that's required for their Crisis-stopping device. Oliver decides to take both Mia and William.

Before the trip, Laurel uncovers the fact Lyla has been working with the Monitor and the two meet up in an alleyway. Lyla tries convincing Laurel he's been trying to save certain chunks of the multiverse. To help aid the Monitor, Lyla tries convincing Laurel to steal the plans for the Pulse Wave Generator before Oliver gets his hands on them. Eventually, Laurel begrudgingly accepts.

Once in Russia, Oliver, Laurel, and the kids sync up with Anatoly. The three Queens are completely unaware of Laurel's pre-determined plans with Lyla. Anatoly quickly finds the guy they're looking for at a local fight club and he agrees to hand over the plans under one condition: Oliver has to fight and defeat the champion at the fight club. Oliver makes quick work of the fighter and as he's about to get the plans from the general, members of the Bratva show up and kill him. They abduct Oliver and Mia as Anatoly, Laurel, and William are able to escape.

The Bratva puts Mia through the bell test we've seen Oliver use in past seasons. After she makes quick work of the Bratva henchmen, the head honcho allows her and Oliver to remain alive — if and only if they give up the weapon plans. Oliver agrees and the Bratva take the drive to sell.

Oliver and Mia are able to escape and link up with the rest of the team, where they uncover the Bratva planning to sell the plans. This leads to a falling out between Oliver and Mia as he wants both of his kids to return home and stay out of trouble. Mia storms off and is followed by Laurel as Oliver and Anatoly remain and chat. As fate would have it, both Oliver and Mia cool down and make amends, allowing the team to get back together to track down the Bratva and the plans.

The team returns to the fight club, leading Oliver and Mia to fight six fighters at once in hopes of distracting the Bratva. It works and Laurel and Anatoly are able to get the plan and shoot the Bratva leader, allowing the whole team to escape.

During the Russian adventure, Diggle tracks down Roy and asks him to help steal plutonium to power the device. As the shipment arrives, Roy starts beating one of the armed guards to death but Diggle's able to stop him. The two take the plutonium and leave. After the mission, Roy tells Diggle he plans on staying around so he can rejoin Team Arrow.

When everyone returns home, Laurel reveals to Lyla she has no intention of helping her and the Monitor. It's revealed Laurel set Lyla up and brought Diggle and Oliver along. As the two start putting pieces together, they're shot with tranquilizers. The screen cuts to black as Diggle asks Lyla what she's done.


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Preparation ran from August 16 until August 26, 2019. Shooting ran from August 27 until September 9, 2019.[1]


  • The name of the episode means durability/endurance in Russian.
  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Joseph David-Jones (Connor Hawke) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • Like the previous episodes of the season, this episode has also many references and callbacks to previous seasons, mainly from the flashbacks in Season 5.
    • The name of the episode is likely a callback to "Crucible", in which one of Anatoly's first words to Oliver was "prochnost". Anatoly and Oliver also talk about Anatoly's first lesson to Oliver, which was "living is not for the weak", that also happened in Crucible.
    • John meeting Roy is almost the exact same as Thea's meeting with Roy in "This Is Your Sword".
    • When Anatoly and Oliver first meet, he jokes about not punching him, which he did upon first meeting him in "Bratva".
    • Oliver first fighting a man bigger than his size, ending tied-up in a chair and getting interrogated by Bratva is very similar to what happened in "Legacy". When Oliver and Mia talk about getting out of the chair by dislocating thumbs, Oliver quotes Anatoly from the same episode, saying "it's a useful technique, if getting tied-up in chairs will become habit".
    • Mia having to fight four Bratva thugs and ring the bell is same Oliver had to do in "The Recruits".
    • Kapiushion is the nickname Bratva gave Oliver, originally in it was Kapot, but was changed, due to latter meaning "car hood".
    • Anatoly says that both him and Oliver have matching tattoos, with Oliver replying not anymore, referencing the events of both flashbacks and present day of "Kapiushon".
    • William says he met Mia in a fight club, referencing the events of flash-forwards in "Unmasked".
  • The press originally had Connor Hawke in the description instead of Diggle, the former who doesn't appear at all in this episode.
  • Mia tells Oliver that she doesn't cook much, to which Oliver quips that it makes sense; referencing that Mia may have inherited Felicity's bad cooking skills.




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