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"Where I'm from, children learn about Per Degaton the same way that children in your time learn about Adolf Hitler."
Rip Hunter informs the team that the child is a blight upon the world as an adult

"Progeny" is the tenth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the tenth episode overall. It aired on April 7, 2016.




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The scene opens with Rip visiting Rory in the brig. Rip apologizes to Rory for including him on their excursion and that he told Snart to "deal with" Rory when his criminal propensities undermined their main goal. While Rip says that Rory's resentment ought to be with him rather than Snart, Rory answers that he needs to murder them two.

Rip prepares the remainder of their group for their covert excursion into the Kasnia Conglomerate, a nation/corporate hybrid in 2147. Rip clarifies that Kasnia is the decent footing from which Savage assumes responsibility for the future and that Gideon followed Savage's underlying gathering with Kasnia's investors. Sara says that in the event that they're setting off to the future, they ought to most likely welcome "the geek twins": Ray and Stein.

Stein is typically intrigued with the future, in spite of the fact that Rip cautions him that what's to come is going to get extremely dull. In five years (2152), a tyrant named Degaton will release the Armageddon infection on Kasnia, murdering a large portion of the populace. Rip's clarification is hindered by a few computerized variants of Ray's ATOM suit, which stops a thievery. Beam needs to explore how Kasnia turned his suit self-sufficient, while Rip takes Snart and Sara to invade Kasnia's investor meeting.

Rip gets into the meeting by wearing special contact lenses to trick the identification systems, yet he can't carry Sara or Snart with him. At the gathering, Savage contends that the populace should be winnowed to reduce developing food riots, yet Kasnia's pioneer, Tor Degaton, opposes his recommendation. After the gathering, Savage gets together with Degaton's child: Per Degaton, who unmistakably admires Savage as a guide.

Back at the Waverider, Rip clarifies in five years, Per Degaton readies the world for Savage's ascent to control by releasing the Armageddon infection. After the world is debilitated, Savage betrays and murders Degaton and afterward conquers the world. Snart recommends that the most ideal approach to stop's Savage will likely murder Per Degaton before he can ascend to control himself. The group discusses the benefits of Snart's arrangement, with the greater part of the group opposing Snart (in light of the fact that they're all legends). Nonetheless, Rip appears to be persuadable, despite the fact that he's inevitably persuaded to just expel Per Degaton from the course of events by kidnapping him. While part of group volunteers to abduct a child, the other portion of the group chooses to make an interruption by disrupting Kasnia's military of ATOM robots.

In the interim, Kendra appears to be stressed over something, yet Ray can't make sense of what's going on. She has a flashback to 1920, when she had a similar sentiment of fear, however she chooses not to escape since she wouldn't like to forsake Carter and their child.

Sara, Snart and Rip start their arrangement to abduct Degaton. Sara kills one of Degaton's protector detail with the goal that Rip can supplant him, at that point gets Degaton when Snart assaults the remainder of the watchmen, causing an interruption.

Beam, Stein and Jackson visit Kasnia's robot office, when they find that it's really a future rendition of Palmer Technology, drove by Ray's descendent Rachel Turner. Ray is truly upset that he's the maker of a future armed force of robots, however Jackson is progressively intrigued that Ray had a child before. Ray said that the main individual he got physically involved with before he left had as of late cut off contact, which he understands was most likely in light of the fact that she was pregnant with his kid.

As Ray agonizes about his alleged kid, he chances upon Kendra and immediately brushes her off. Kendra then has a flashback about her experiencing some sudden nerves in 1920 about exchanging personalities, as it's unreasonable to their kid.

In the clinical inlet, Sara and Rip watch Degaton rest (and discover that Gideon can see peoples' dreams), yet Gideon advises Rip that capturing Degaton doesn't change the course of events by any means. While Rip's persuaded that executing Degaton is the main choice, Sara persuades him that even Degaton can be changed.

Having given an inspirational discourse about change, Sara visits Rory in the brig. Sara trusts to Rory that Snart is a reliable companion, and that he shouldn't forsake that fellowship so without any problem. Rory doesn't appear to be persuaded, yet reveals to Sara that executing a kid isn't very saint like.

Back in Kasnia, Savage methodologies Degaton's dad and uncovers he realizes who seized Degaton and that he can get Degaton back on the grounds that they're "queasy" about death. Sufficiently sure, Rip liberates Degaton and afterward takes off in the escape to places obscure.

The remainder of the group are persuaded that Rip is going to slaughter Degaton, however Rip tells the kid that he's bringing Degaton home to his dad.

In the interim, Kendra has another flashback, where she and Carter come clean with their child about Vandal Savage and how they've met. In the current day, Kendra discloses to Ray that she's been having flashbacks about Carter. She confesses to Ray that she has an inclination that she's cheating on Carter with Ray. She at that point gets Ray to discuss his child and his future armed force of robots. While they're at last being straightforward with each other, their relationship is tossed into question... once more.

Sara converses with Snart about Rory and says he needs to eliminate any confusion air about marooning him before.

Rip takes Degaton to a lake outside of Kasnia. After discussing his child, Rip threatens to shoot Degaton, yet Degaton says that he won't kill him since he's demonstrating weakness in his eyes (an exercise he gained from Savage). Sufficiently sure, Rip puts down his weapon, yet reveals to Degaton that Savage will one day sell out him and that the look in his eyes isn't weakness, it's decency. Rip begs Degaton to be the man that his dad needs him to be rather than a pawn for Savage and afterward leaves.

Kendra senses that Savage is coming. Minutes after the fact, Degaton's powers assault the Waverider, driving the group away from the boat to battle. Ray gets shot out of the sky by the ATOM robots and understands that he can't battle the robots head on. Rather, he and Kendra head to Palmer Tech to close down the robot army from the control center. At the control center, he finds that his "relative" really originated from his sibling's line (implying that he's not a dad), yet persuades her to close down the robot army at any rate.

Savage takes Sara hostage, however Rip appears with Degaton and offers a trade. Both Degaton and Savage suggest that they murder the group, yet Degaton's dad makes the trade and permits the group to go in harmony.

Back on the Waverider, Snart at long last has his "talk" with Rory. Snart says that the best way to settle things is with their fists, and offers to open up the brig so they can have a battle to the death.

Kendra and Ray appear to fix things up after Kendra discloses to Ray that Carter was her past, however Ray is her future.

Degaton gets together with Savage to continue his examinations, and Savage reveals to him the Greek legend of Oedipus (which includes patricide) and gives him a blade to execute his dad. Back on the boat, Gideon discloses to Rip that their activities actually quickened Savage's ascent to control in Kasnia.

While Rory thoroughly demolishes Snart, he can't force himself to murder Rory. Rory then tells Snart and the remainder of the group that they're all dead in any case, on the grounds that the Time Masters have sent the Hunters, a gathering of time traveling professional killers to complete the activity Chronos began. Their solitary choice: to run.




  • This is the lowest rated episode of Season 1 with a rating of 7.4 on IMDb.
  • It's revealed that Ray has a brother, who looks eerily similar to him.
  • This is the second and last episode to use a flashback story (albeit short) after "Marooned", focusing on Carter's and Kendra's reincarnations as Joe and Edith Boardman with their son, Aldus Boardman.
  • When attempting to kidnap Per Degaton, Snart sees him as a "Lord Fauntleroy", a reference to the children's novel Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett and its film and television adaptations, the most famous one being the 1936 film.
  • Ray uses the alias "Dr. Hannibal Lecter" while talking to Bryce. Hannibal Lecter is a psychologist and serial killer from Thomas Harris' suspense novels, as well as their subsequent film adaptations.
  • When tutoring Per Degaton, Vandal refers to the myth of Oedipus, but subtly edits it to fit his vision for Per Degaton's future; in Savage's version of the myth, while telling the truth that Oedipus' father sent him off to die as a child due to a prophecy, he claims that the prophecy was that Oedipus would take his father's throne - the original myth actually stated that Oedipus would kill his father. Vandal concludes the myth by confirming that Oedipus returned to fulfill his destiny when in the actual myth Oedipus killed his father without ever knowing who he was until years after the fact.
  • In the comics, Per Degaton is a time-traveling enemy of the Justice Society of America.
  • In Rip's office on the Waverider, there is the the mask of Katana and an Old West wanted poster of Jonah Hex (which also appeared in "Blood Ties"), who would appear in the next episode ("The Magnificent Eight").


The first half of preparation ran from December 17 until December 19, 2015. The second half of preparation ran from January 3 until January 11, 2016. Shooting ran from January 12 until January 22, 2016.[1]