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Project 7734 is a secret military project headed by General Sam Lane. Its main purpose is to create Kryptonite weapons.


When General Sam Lane and his men were attacked by the Stranger, who was searching for Kryptonite, Lane was given a set of dog-tags bearing the number "7734", spelling out the word HELL upside-down; the Stranger then told Lane not to trust Superman.[1] Lane later called Lieutenant Reno Rosetti about Project 7734.[2]

When the Stranger, revealed to be John Henry Irons from another Earth, was apprehended for interrogation by Superman, Rosetti took Irons and, after killing Lieutenant Jason Trask with Kryptonian abilities, went with his prisoner to Project 7734. Upon learning of this, Lane told Superman that Project 7734 was a secret operation meant to build Kryptonite weapons in case of future attacks; Lane warned Superman that he may not make it out alive and to let his men stop Rosetti instead. However, Superman ignored his request and confronted Rosetti, who was armed with Project 7734's many weapons. Irons was told to leave by Superman before the hero began battling Rosetti. Superman was nearly defeated by Rosetti until he was killed by Irons.[3]

Jordan Kent had second-hand exposure to the gas from the Project and became sick, needing to go to the Fortress of Solitude to be cured. Meanwhile, Jonathan Kent and Lois Lane were angry with Sam because Sam had commissioned the creation of weapons to hurt or kill Jonathan's father and Lois' husband. Shortly afterwards however, Sam used weapons from the Project to defend Lois from an assault by Emily Phan and Jasper Townes.[4]

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