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"People of National City. The Earth has been stolen from us. And the enemy has come in the guise of heroes. They say they come in peace, to protect us from ourselves. But how long will it be before these gods decide to rule instead of serve? We are the antidote to their poison. We are the scientists who will show them what humans are capable of. Those who have sided with the invaders will not be spared. You cannot stop us. We are everywhere. We are Cadmus."
—Project Cadmus announcing their new goals[src]

Project Cadmus, or simply known as Cadmus, was a research lab formerly associated with the United States government. They were tasked with experimenting on extraterrestrial threats.

By 2016, under the leadership of Lillian Luthor, Cadmus had gone rogue and cut all formal ties with the government, becoming a terrorist organization dedicated to purging Earth of all aliens.

After Lillian was arrested, Cadmus was disbanded.


"Some place called Project Cadmus, which I'm guessing isn't an all-inclusive resort."
"No. It's the reason that Clark won't work with the government. Okay, so if, if the D.E.O. is a prison, then Cadmus is a dissection lab. It's a genetic engineering facility that treats aliens like lab rats. Amputated, skinned, drained, injected with experimental drugs."
Kara Danvers and James Olsen[src]

Project Cadmus was a governmental genetic engineering facility that performed experiments on extraterrestrial threats. Superman opposed the lab's goals, which is why he refused to work with the United States government.

After Jim Harper interrogated J'onn J'onzz, he was told he was being taken to Project Cadmus for study. James Olsen told Kara Danvers about the lab and they decided they needed to rescue Hank, after they rescued J'onn from Jim Harper, he erased Harper's memory of having remembered meeting him but discovered that Jeremiah Danvers was alive at Project Cadmus. Alex Danvers told Kara that she would go with J'onn to find Cadmus.[1]

After Lex Luthor was arrested by his crimes, Lillian Luthor blamed Superman and all the aliens for what happened to her son, so she joined Cadmus.[2]

With president Olivia Marsdin signing the Alien Amnesty Act, Cadmus cut its ties with the government and went rogue, declaring war against all aliens in general. They have since been officially labelled as a terrorist organization.[3][4]

Later, Lillian tried to frame Lena for her to join Cadmus, but failed. She also tried to use the Medusa virus on earth but was betrayed by Lena and detained by the Supergirl and her team.[5]

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  • Since President Olivia Marsdin signed/initiated the Alien Amnesty Act, which allows aliens to come to Earth whenever they want and gives them the same equal rights as humans, Project Cadmus can now be considered a terrorist organization since they have publicly declared war against all aliens in general.
  • Project Cadmus shares several similarities with the Children of Liberty:
    • Both are anti-alien hate groups.
    • Both had Mercy and Otis Graves working for them.
    • Both secretly had U.S. government backing.
    • Both had a member of the Luthor family as masterminds of each group.
      • Lillian Luthor was the mastermind behind Project Cadmus while Lex Luthor was the unknown mastermind behind the Children of Liberty.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Project Cadmus is the name of a genetic engineering project to study cloning. They are known for experimenting on extraterrestrials and are responsible for the creation of several clones of both heroes and villains.
  • The Cadmus of Greek mythology created a new race by sowing dragons' teeth into the Earth, giving birth to new life, similar to what Project Cadmus in the comics aimed to do.