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"You needed to see your little project fail with your own eyes, to know the true depravity of humanity!"
Lex Luthor to Lena Luthor[src]

Project Non Nocere was a technological program created by Lena Luthor to reprogram everybody making them peaceful and truthful.

Lex Luthor helped with the project, but only to have Lena learn through failure that it's impossible for humanity's base nature to be restrained.


"Evolution is a bitch."
Lex Luthor[src]

Lena was using this program to reprogram everybody making them peaceful and truthful. The program will work with Myriad where Lena will use the device as mind controller making the project as being used against one's will. Lex later stole Lena a Memory cube from The Legion's cruiser. Lena later tried the project on prisoners which it turned aggressive people truthful and peaceful people aggressive.[1] It backfired on her, because it started a prison riot and can't control people's free will or choice.

Lena eventually abandoned the project after many test subjects' survival instinct conflicted with their desire to do no harm, which caused her to realize that humans need to feel pain and anger in order to evolve. Lex revealed to her that he knew the project would fail but wanted Lena to see for herself that his way was the only way. Lena stated that, despite Lex being a monster, she did not have to be one.[2]

In creating the backdoor program "I Love Lexi", where people would love Lex regardless of his actions, Lex used elements of Project Non Nocere. Brainy was amazed that free will could be overridden by a computer program.[3]

Later, Lena testified at Lex's trial that she and her brother worked together on the program and that it was a failure.[4]

Angered that Lena denied him access to Luthor Corp computers, Lex had District attorney Matthews research Project Non Nocere to possibly charge Lena with a crime.[5]



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