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"Prom Night!" is the fifth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-eleventh episode overall. It aired on April 27, 2021.



The scene opens with Brainy and Nia sorting out the particular area of Kara's DNA in 2009, DNA that they need to save Kara from the Phantom Zone. A news section likewise noticed that Midvale is the "most fortunate" town and it's uncovered that in this timetable, Kara's beau Kenny was never killed and J'onn proposes he ought to return with Nia and Brainy because of sudden contrasts, however Brainy says no as it is excessively dangerous. Nia acknowledges returning to 2009 places her in when her mom was as yet alive while Brainy is somewhat apprehensive about getting the time travel right.

In 2009, Alex and Kara make up for lost time and Kara is slowing down on revealing to Kenny that she's intending to go to National City for school rather than the school she wanted to go to with Kenny. She catches Brainy's ship crash at the baseball field and Alex drives them by and large present. As they leave, they pass Cat Grant who is there to do a story on Midvale.

Nia and Brainy have shown up in Midvale a day ahead of schedule and are found by Kara, Kenny and Alex. They rapidly guarantee that they are clairvoyant outsiders from the planet Psycon and make a terrible showing of covering for themselves. They should try not to connect with Alex and Kara. Kara needs to help the "outsiders" yet Alex thinks it is an issue. Kara winds up acquainting herself with Brainy (calling himself Brandon) and Nia (calling herself Brenda) and offering to help. With the specialists coming, Kara begins to shroud the ship, yet Nia and Brainy rapidly assume control over, hiding it under the baseball field. Kenny takes Brainy home with him, Nia returns home with the Danvers young ladies.

At Kenny's, Brainy oddities out a piece when he understands that doesn't approach a 3D printer however Kenny has a strong arrangement that expects them to go to the school. At Kara's, Nia and Kara bond a piece, yet Nia battles with missing her mom who she knows is alive in 2009. Afterward, Nia has a fantasy including a confined purple wild feline who gets away from that is some way or another additionally associated with Midvale High.

At school, Kenny and Brainy talk while he chips away at the 3D printer. Kenny says he's constructed a base for himself and Kara. Kenny goes to class and advises Brainy not to leave the lab, but rather it takes a long effort to print and he runs out of tidbits so he escapes to the bite machine where he's spotted by the Glee club teacher and taken off to class. Kenny later discovers him on the baseball field as Brainy has been enrolled by basically everybody.

Feline circumvents Midvale, persuaded that there is a "super" being behind things in Midvale so she goes searching for her story. She experiences Alex with her mom's identification to meet, recognizing herself as CJ Grant. Alex reveals to her that nothing in Midvale merits finding. Nia and Kara track down the mineral that they need. In transit home, the young ladies are nearly taken out by a gas truck with no driver.

Prior in the scene, it's uncovered that a couple of outsiders choose to make a beeline for Earth to catch a Kryptonian – which means Kara. Incidentally, the outsiders are behind the runaway truck, attempting to draw out a Kryptonian. Kara and Nia get into the truck and figure out how to get it to quit, making the outsiders miss their shot. The outsiders are currently mindful that there is a Naltorian and a Coluan too yet they withdraw without taking anybody. Feline, in any case, is close by and sees that something abnormal has occurred, however she doesn't really get them in the demonstration.

Nia battles to sort out her fantasy. Alone on the ship, Nia calls her mom, yet gets her phone message. Intelligent sorts out who the outsiders are who are after them are, which assist Nia with interpreting her fantasy yet they're appalled to find that their activities have now changed the timetable and the outsider, Naxim, is unhindered.

At the Danvers home, Alex and Kara squabble about telling their mom and Alex uncovers that the family has forfeited for Kara - including Alex's outing to Europe. Kara then, at that point heads out to at last reveal to Kenny that she's intending to go to National City, yet he shows her the legend base he's made her.

Intelligent is blowing a gasket about the course of events change, and discovering that Nia called her mother and can't adapt. He gets Nia to share her way of dealing with stress, which is singing Dolly Parton's "9-5". The PC finds Naxim and they discover the ship, however Naxim is sitting tight for them and he gets them.



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  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers) and Peta Sergeant (Nyxlygsptlnz) after signing on as series regulars.
    • With Benoist's absence, this means that there is no cast member to be present in every episode of the series. However, Kara Danvers still appears, played by Izabela Vidovic as her 2009 self, and thus remains the only character to be in every episode of the series.
  • This episode features the third least amount of series regulars at four, after "Midvale", which only had three, and the next episode, which only had two.
  • Brainy mentions 'If anyone who has seen Back to the Future' that anyone who exists in certain timeline, could cause a disrupt in the continuum of space-time, like J'onn J'onzz and Dr. Alex Danvers
  • The setting of this episode is May 26, 2009.
  • Querl Dox states his Legion scanner detected a Bismollian energy signature. In the comics, fellow Legionnaire Matter-Eater Lad is Bismollian.
  • Nia sings the song '9 to 5' to Brainy.
  • It is revealed that Kenny Li, who previously died in the Earth-38 timeline, is alive as a result of Crisis.
  • The aliases Querl and Nia used, "Brandon" and "Brenda", may be a reference to the decade-long television "Beverly Hills 90210".
  • As of 2009, Kara called herself "Kara Zor-El" when meeting people, as opposed to her human last name of "Danvers".
    • Although since Nia and Brainy presented themselves as full blooded humanoid species from another galaxy she probably felt they needed to know they were not alone in being non-humans on Earth.


  • When Brainy and Nia are looking at the future D.E.O. database, after Naxim Tork's status changes from captured to wanted, the words "Naltorian" and "Coluan" on the screen are misspelt as "Noltorian" and "Caluan", respectively.