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"He's gone."
"Who? Merlyn?"
"The biosensor in his suit indicates his heart stopped.
Oliver and Eobard Thawne[src]

The Prometheus suit was a protective suit worn by Tommy Merlyn as the villain Prometheus until his death.


The design of this Prometheus suit is very similar to the Prometheus suit which Adrian Chase wore; with two straps on the back containing a scabbard and a quiver to carry his sword and arrows respectively, at least six shuriken stored on the sides of his abdomen, and a mask covering his entire face. The only difference is the Nazi symbol he wore on his left arm.

Tommy Merlyn of Earth-X donned this suit during the invasion of Earth-1, fighting against Alex Danvers and Sara Lance. Eventually however, he was defeated and later killed himself via cyanide while in containment in the Pipeline.


  • Identity concealment: Prometheus' primary use in this suit was to hide his identity from his victims.
  • Quiver: Earth-X Prometheus uses a quiver to store his arrows.
  • Scabbard: A scabbard is stored next to his quiver as a means to carry his chokuto when not in use.

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