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"Then I didn't tell you what happened after Lian Yu. I went home, to my son. And I promised him I would stay and never leave. And I broke that promise."
"You broke the promise because of the Mirakuru."
Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen on Joe Wilson

"Promises Kept" is the sixth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-twenty-first episode overall. It aired on November 16, 2017. The episode acts as the second half of a two-part episode.



"Promises Kept" gets promptly where a week ago's scene finished, with Slade's child — Joe Wilson — holding his dad and Oliver at gunpoint. In the wake of conversing with him some time, Joe puts the weapon down and tells his dad they make them make up for lost time to do and the two leave the scene.

We see a flashback seven y ears prior where Slade is in an A.S.I.S. clinical office. He's out of commission and bandage is covering his eye. Joe appears at visit and in light of the fact that Slade's experiencing amnesia, fills his father in on how he got where he is.

Present time, Team Arrow is marking out a gathering of miscreants at a distribution center. At the point when one of them tosses a smoke explosive, the group's power to fall back.

Back at Arrow HQ, Felicity uncovers the gathering of criminals were after a military-grade 3D printer. They'd have the option to utilize it to print weapons, drones, or an assortment of other destructive items.

Diggle gets some distance from the gathering and looks down at his hand — it's shaking.

Slade and Joe are talking over some bourbon.

Diggle returns home and talks with Lyla, who realizes her better half has now accepted the Green Arrow job. In the wake of postponing her advances for some grown-up "upbeat fun time," Diggle pulls out a similar medication firearm we saw him utilize a week ago.

Somewhere else, Slade's conversing with a portion of his child's partners when Oliver ventures out of the shadows. Slade cautions him to return home, however Oliver demands that he remain.

Joe strolls in and gives the group their next mission. He goes to his dad and requests his assistance. Slade obliges and says he needs to return up some developed. We uncover that Slade has set up a correspondence framework to keep in contact with Oliver.

We see another flashback to Slade in the A.S.I.S. office — he's preparation close by to-hand battle with Joe. Joe closes the instructional meeting and Slade starts having visualizations of Shado, his previous partner.

Back in present day Star City, Diggle is medicate creation office conversing with a refined man by the name of Ricardo Diaz. Diaz makes it understood his organization doesn't have FDA endorsement and requests one of his toady's to "load" Diggle up with a greater amount of their item.

In Kasnia, Joe's crewy is taking a shot at their heist of weaponry from the Kasnia armed force. They pop the feels worn out on one of the military vehicles and execute the entirety of the troopers in the vehicle.

We see Oliver sneaking around near to when he's about got by a couple of posts. He's ready to deal with them and reveals a collector that Joe's group is utilizing for some centex explosives.

Rene carries a heap of pizzas to Arrow HQ yet they're not able to appreciate them, Felicity has the whereabouts to the cheats attempting to in any case the beefed up 3D printer. A shootout starts and one of the cheats ventures out of one of the vehicles — it's Diaz. Diggle freezes and is shot in his protection. The hoodlums escape.

Back at HQ, Felicity's advising the remainder of Team Arrow on Diaz — with none of them knowing Diggle's association with the clear wrongdoing boss.

In Kasnia, Slade approaches Joe about the purpose behind the entirety of the explosives and Joe counters by saying that none of his men trust having his dad around. Joe tells his father that he has a present for him and one of Joe's cohorts acquire Oliver. To not ruin his disguise, Slade punches Oliver.

Another flashback to the A.S.I.S. office and Slade is as yet having visualizations of Shado. The television playing out of sight has a news report of Oliver being found by anglers.

Diggle approaches Lyla about the tremor he's been having. He advises her that he's been taking exploratory steroids and inquires as to whether ARGUS is chipping away at whatever could support him. He at that point reveals to her that he's been buying the illicit medications from Diaz. She strolls off disclosing to him she needs to be separated from everyone else.

Oliver is attached to a seat. Slade has a blade to his face — Joe has convinced him to take tit for tat. Slade strolls behind Oliver and utilizations the blade to cut Oliver's restrictions. Oliver thumps Joe out and joins Slade with taking out the remainder of Joe's associates. Slade and Oliver can get away from the office. Watching out of the structure, Joe stirs and notices that he's going to murder his dad.

Oliver reveals to Slade he had the option to discover that Joe and his buddies are pursuing Kasnia's water gracefully. Slade communicates lament about getting Oliver out, saying he'd effectively remain with Joe. Slade says he thinks the best way to stop Joe is to execute him.

In the flashback at the A.S.I.S. office, Slade has murdered everybody there. Joe goes to stop him on out, yet Slade takes him out.

Curtis and Felicity have discovered the area of Diaz again and Diggle requests to get ready, they will go bring him down. Group Arrow meets on Diaz' area and he arranges his group to take the entirety of the item, ensuring nothing gets appropriated.

Diaz tips over a cannister of gas and lights it ablaze, wrecking the supply of medications he had made.

Oliver and Slade approach Joe's gathering. While Oliver's dealing with the partners in crime outside, Slade and Joe begin battling with their decision weapons — blades. Joe uncovers to Slade that he has a sibling named Grant, a mystery that his mom had kept. The news is something that occupies Slade and Joe's ready to thump Slade off his feet.

About the convey the last blow, Oliver's ready to shoot the blade out of Joe's hand and Joe tosses an explosive to divert Oliver and Slade, permitting him to get away.

Slade persuades Oliver to return home while he remains abroad to keep searching for both of his children — Joe and Grant.

In Star City, Diggle gets back home to Lyla, and she discloses to him she heard Team Arrow wrecked Diaz' tranquilize office. Diggle says that he intended to remove of the medications from the distribution center and apologizes to Lyla for taking them.

Felicity and William are playing Mortal Kombat when Oliver gets back. Williams fills his father in what he all practiced when he was away. Williams runs off to discover a science undertaking and Oliver fills in Felicity on the mission with Slade.

Diggle gathers Team Arrow at the dugout and illuminates them about his tremors and ensuing medication utilization. Curtis offers to assist him with showing signs of improvement. Diggle discloses to Dinah that he vows to stay discreet from her and as she dismisses, Dinah looks down at the current her ex gave her last scene.


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Preparation ran from August 25 until September 5, 2017, with a break on September 4 for Labor Day. Shooting ran from September 6 until September 15, 2017.[1]



  • The "experimental steroid" John secretly bought from Ricardo Diaz is stored in crates labeled "methylphenidate", which is not itself an illegal drug; methylphenidate is sold in pill and capsule form, used to treat ADD and ADHD, and is the active ingredient in drugs such as Ritalin, Attentin, and Concerta.
    • However, a producer and dealer of illegal steroids obviously wouldn't want to announce their products or its chemical names to anyone catching a glance, so this may explain why Diaz had a common drug name used to label the crates.