For a spell that heals or resurrects via souls, see Protection spell (Brittonic)
"What is this?"
"Protection spell. Once I'm done, evil will not be able to cross the line created by the flowing water."
Zed Martin and John Constantine[src]

A protection spell is often used by John Constantine to create safe areas which block the advance of enemy spells or creatures.


The spell is based on painting a physical circle around a target area, which is then enchanted with magic to keep evil powers and creatures like demons out. A version used by Constantine around the barn with the residing Imogen used a turned on water hose running around the building, to create a constant flow of water that is also supposed to keep evil out. The spell can only be dismissed by the caster, and not even angelic beings can dispel it.[1]

The spell's incantation is in Latin, the language of the Roman Empire.


Chas Chandler used a warding spell to cast the Eye of Horus upon Liv Aberdine's door, and later John Constantine created a protective circle to control the movements of Furcifer, luring the demon to his destruction.[2] He used the protective circle technique again while protecting the barn where the angel Imogen resided in. When Imogen turned out to be a fallen angel, the protection spell managed to cage her inside the barn instead of keeping evils out.[1]

John Constantine used the protection spell creating a safe perimeter around the summer camp while working together with the Legends. However, it did not affect the shtriga masquerading as "Chad Stephens".[3]


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Behind the scenes

  • Historically, protection circles were often used by the practitioners of the occult.


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