"Scared yet? You will be."

Psych, nicknamed by Cisco Ramon, is an unnamed resident of Central City and currently a host to the mysterious interdimensional force known to Team Flash as the Sage Force.


Before causing chaos in Central City, Psych attacked the Speed Force, showing it its greatest fear, after Fuerza attacked it first, causing it to seek Team Flash's help.

When the Flash was recovering from his battle with Fuerza, he encountered a villain that created similar seismic activity to Fuerza. When the Flash arrived, the villain was manipulating two agents of Crows Security by having them see a monster eating civilians. The villain felt insulted by the Flash's attitude that he had bigger problems, so the villain had the Flash see himself attacked by Reverse-Flash and Savitar, allowing the villain to escape.

Psych battles Team Flash.

Dubbed Psych by Cisco Ramon, the villain made the stock brokers believe that they had lost trillions of dollars, their worst fear. As Psych laughed, the Flash, Frost, and Mecha-Vibe arrived, all wearing mental inhibitors; Psych used his power nonetheless and the heroes were stuck in fear as they mentally saw nightmare scenarios. This time the Flash generated energy to fire a bolt; Psych absorbed the bolt and intensified its efforts against the Flash, allowing Psych to escape again.

After his multiple battles with Psych, Barry's fear was manipulated to the point where Barry couldn't fight back. Then, Cecile Horton used Clifford DeVoe's hoverchair to fight off Psych. That night, Psych decided that it wanted all of Central City to fear it so it made a bubble of fear; as this bubble grew, citizens had nightmares and screamed. Psych then disappeared after being hit by Cecile's psychic wave.[1]

After returning from the past where he battled Deon Owens, Cisco realized that Psych was the host of the Sage Force.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Sage Force connection/Meta-human phisiology: As a host to the Sage Force, Psych is directly linked to it and draws all of his power from it.



The Flash

Season 7


  • Psych's powers are similar to those of Gayle Marsh/Psi. Though it's unknown if she also uses the Sage Force.
  • His glowing eyes do not match any of the lightning bolts released upon the Speed Force's rebirth. Though it's possible his mask has lenses that obscure the true color of his glowing eyes.
  • Psych may have the power to create a psychic projection of himself or can disperse himself as a form of teleportation, given he faded away (as opposed to running or obviously teleport) after getting a blast of courage from Cecile.

Behind the scenes


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