The Psycho Pirate mask is a mask that was used by Roger Hayden as his villainous alter ego Psycho Pirate.


The Psycho Pirate mask was made to look like gold, and has two eye holes for the user to see through them. It has no special use, other than to hide its user's face.


When John Deegan set all the inmates in Arkham Asylum loose to cause a distraction, Roger Hayden wore this mask during the breakout. After Hayden was put back in his cell when Batwoman stopped him, he kept the mask with him in his cell.


  • Identity concealment: Psycho Pirate uses it to conceal his identity.

Known users



Season 7


Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • The Medusa Mask, associated with the character of Roger Hayden, was seen as one of the artifacts in Jasper Winters' millhouse.
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