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"I have legions who live only to see my will done. No, boy. You have but two choices—you either ascend to the calling of Ra's al Ghul, or you will spend the rest of your days in a cage."
Ra's al Ghul tries to force Oliver Queen to become his heir

"Public Enemy" is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Arrow, and the sixty-fourth episode overall. It aired on April 1, 2015.



The episode begins with a news report of the mayor having been killed and Palmer being in critical condition. Lance says he's issued a murder warrant for the Arrow. Oliver tells Diggle he knows that Maseo was responsible for the attack.

We cut to a flashback of Queen and Akio still running for their lives on the street. They run into Shado's twin sister Mei and Oliver asks her for help.

Laurel tries to convince her father to trust her that the Arrow is being framed. He wants her to tell him the Arrow's true identity.

Post-sex Roy and Thea discuss running away together. Roy spots the newscast.

Felicity sits by Palmer in the hospital. He wakes up and the doctor comes in to tell him the arrow created a blood cot in his brain. The prognosis isn't good. Palmer tells him about nanotech he's invented that when injected into the blood will travel to the clot and shrink it. The doctor says he can't help him with anything experimental because of hospital policy. Felicity's mother Donna shows up

Oliver meets with Nyssa al Ghul and asks for her help. She says she won't betray her father, so Queen brings up Sara. She gives up the location of a building the League has been using as a staging ground. The Arrow team goes there and does battle with a team led by Maseo. Arrow gets the jump on Maseo but does not kill him. Ra's al Ghul shows up and tells the Arrow he has two choices: Replace him as Ra's or spend the rest of his life in prison. At this moment police helicopters arrive overhead. Team Arrow runs away and manages to escape with help from Diggle, who was positioned above with a sniper rifle. In the process Roy injures several cops and Nyssa helps Laurel when she's cornered by her father.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Arrow speaks over the phone with an angry Lance. He wants Arrow to turn himself in. Queen apologizes for putting them in this position, but Thea thinks that Malcolm is to blame.

Back in the flashback we learn Shado's sister is named Mei. He says he met her sister in medical school. Mei tells him her father and sister disappeared three years ago. She's holding out hope, though the police have told her they must be dead.

Donna thinks Felicity needs to be the person to inject Palmer. She's scared of taking the chance, but Donna doesn't think there's a choice.

Ra's brings Lance to see him. He tells her about Sara being on the island, then tells him Oliver Queen is the Arrow.

Lance meets with Laurel, who thinks her father is doing this because of Sara. Lance thinks the Arrow is the reason Sara was killed. He tells her if she hadn't been on the boat with Oliver she'd never have ended up in the League.

Donna fakes a back spasm to create a distraction to keep the doctor occupied. so Felicity can inject Palmer with the nano tech.

Roy tells Thea that when he shot the cops with arrows, part of him felt "relieved" that he might finally go to jail where he belongs. Oliver apologizes to Roy, moments after the police break down the doors and Oliver takes off.

The doctor shows Felicity Rays MRI scan which reveals that Palmer's brain clot has completely disappeared. Meanwhile, Oliver goes to Diggle place. They watch a televised press conference where Lance tells the city that police are hunting for the vigilante Oliver Queen. Laurel, Felicity and Roy show up and they discuss a plan.Thea's assets have been frozen and Lance is watching every possible exit from the town. Oliver knows this is Ra's' plan.

In the flashback Mei figures out that Oliver knows more about her sister than he's let on. She says she's called the police. Two armed men break into the home through the windows. Oliver tries to fight them off, but ends up looking at the end of a rifle. At the last moment Maseo and Tatsu rush in and save the day.

Palmer is recovering well and is thankful for Felicity's help. So much so that he tells Felicity he loves her. Felicity goes into the waiting room and confesses to Donna she's not sure why she doesn't love Palmer. Donna guesses the reason is that she still loves Oliver . She thinks her daughter needs to make a choice.

Oliver turns himself in at the police station. After he's placed in custody Laurel gets Diggle,Roy and Felicity ten minutes with him in an interrogation room. She tells him she's pushing for a deal where they all get immunity if he goes to prison. They aren't willing to accept that scenario. He wants them to follow him "until it's over."

In the flashback Oliver asks for a few minutes alone with Mei. He tells her that Shado is dead. To which she is thankful for the information.

Back at Arrow HQ the team tries to figure out their next move.

On the way to prison Lance sits in the back of a paddy wagon with Oliver. He furiously asks him about Sara, Tommy and all the other people who have died. Oliver tries to assure him he never wanted anyone to be involved and that he wanted to save the city. Lance tells him "you Mr. Queen are not a hero you're a villain." At this moment Roy lands on the roof of the vehicle. He tells the officers that they have the wrong man: "Oliver Queen isn't the Arrow -- I am."


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Preparation ran from January 29 until February 6, 2015. Shooting ran from February 10 until February 19, 2015.[1]


  • This is the first episode where Roy Harper dons the Arrow suit.
  • When Laurel chats with Captain Lance, he mentions "the freak in Central City", referring to Barry Allen/The Flash.


  • As Oliver enters the police station to turn himself in, the first cop who notices him draws his pistol twice; the first time is when the camera POV is on Oliver's back side and the second is with POV on Oliver's face.
  • When Felicity is watching the news on the warrants for the Arrow, the headline on the ticker says "Oliver Queen returns to Starling City to Disapproving Crowds", a goof that is most likely derived from the episode ''Identity''
  • Captain Lance issues an arrest warrant for Oliver following the recent murders by the "Arrow". However, given that Ra's told Lance Oliver was the Arrow with no solo proof, Captain Lance should have not been able to issue an arrest warrant, let alone doing so without concrete evidence.
  • When Ray is in the hospital, his cardiac monitor shows the lethal rhythm of ventricular tachycardia.