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Purgatory, or Limbo, is the realm between Heaven and Hell where souls become trapped in their own personal hell. It is possible to escape this realm. For each person, their purgatory will be different and varies as the "limbo" is personal to them. In a purgatory, the "normal" way to escape it, will lead you to die, however there is a way to escape a purgatory.


Soul of Sara Lance

In 2015, after the resurrection of Sara Lance through the Lazarus Pit, her soul did not reconnect with the resurrected body due to the ritual happening too long after the time of death. John Constantine assisted Team Arrow with the ritual to bring Sara's soul back to her body. Together with Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance, John traveled to Sara's purgatory: a pastice of the League of Assassins stronghold. Fighting against the mystical assassin, the two wrestled away Sara's soul, allowing it to reconnect with her body.[1]

Plots of Neron

During early 2019, on one night, the demon Neron had captured Ava Sharpe from her house and had taken her to a nearby motel. In the room they were checking into, Neron decided he needed a new vessel for his body and thought that Ava would be his new vessel. To do that, he needed her soul out her body, for it to die, so he placed her in her own purgatory. When Sara wanted to apologise for Ava for what she had said earlier, she found out that she wasn't at home. After that, her and the Legends set on a mission to find Ava. Once they had found her, they first thought that she was dead, until they brought her back to the Waverider and found out that she was alive. This was explained by John Constantine that her soul had been placed the limbo realm (purgatory). Needing to save her, Sara decided to travel inside Ava's purgatory. Inside her purgatory, Sara found Ava and said to her that if she checks out, she dies so they need another way to escape. When asking help from Gary (part of the purgatory), he told them to go to another section of her purgatory (a clothing store). This turned out to be misleading advice as they were trapped in a small room. Working together, Sara and Ava found pieces of furniture, able to make a door. Once they walked through it, it lead them to a messy kitchen, and they thought they needed to clean it in order to escape the room. However, it was in a loop and it will be always messy and Sara somehow was able to open a portal; albeit with her alone.[2]

Escaping Ava's purgatory

Sara was inside a long hallway with AVA robots, with Gary beside her, warning of "Tabitha" arriving into the store. Confused with what he had just said, the lights turned off, with Gary stating once again that "Tabitha" has arrived. As Sara ran through the hallway, she teleported to back where she started, with Ava sitting and sobbing on the floor. Ava asked about why she didn't choose the other "Ava's" and Sara replied that she only loved her and after that had a romantic moment. This in turn led them to the escape of the purgatory.[2]

Soul of Oliver Queen

Recognizing John Constantine's mastery with Purgatory rituals from her own case, Sara Lance enlisted his help to restore the soul of Oliver Queen. She, Mia Smoak, and John, with the help from Lucifer Morningstar's demonic card, used some of the few remaining pieces of magic in the multiverse to travel to Purgatory, focused on Oliver's soul. The Purgatory took the shape of the island of Lian Yu. The team successfully found Oliver, but ultimately were unable to bring him back, due to the Spectre recruiting him for other purposes.[3]


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  • Currently, it is unknown if someone can escape their own purgatory by themselves as Sara was the one who saved Ava from her purgatory.
    • It is also not known if someone has a limited amount of time (like a timer) in their purgatory to escape.


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