Pyotr Friedkin was a money launderer for Konstantin Kovar. He is also the husband of Maya Friedkin and father of Alisa Friedkin.


Pyotr sat in Russian detention, when another man came to the collective cell. Friedkin immediately recognized the American accent of the arrested and began to have doubts about him. When the conversation was about the reason why they were behind the bars, Pyotr decided that his boss, Konstantin Kovar, would quickly pull him out. Suddenly it turned out that he knows everything about him, which Pyotr suggested that he belongs to Bratva. After hitting Pyotr, Oliver intended to get information from a man about where Konstantin Kovar would find him. When he threatened his family, Friedkin revealed that through the caution of his boss they communicated only through darkweb and the network, whose IP address is 108.166.7161. After a moment, Oliver got up, grabbed Pyotr and twisted his neck.



Season 5

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