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Q-waves are a form of radiation located between X-Rays and Gamma-Rays which are used in treating psychic trauma.


Q-Waves scans maps and catalog a person's memories, Creating pictures that depict the memories as a series of rings, Like the rings on the base of a tree that has been cut down. The rings show breaks and irregularities at points where a person suffered from severe brain trauma which can be erased with a certain dose of biohertz which Q-waves are measured in.[1]

According to Lena Luthor, Q-waves generated by sapient-enough life-forms originate from the occipital lobe of the organism's brain mass.


Brainy states they weren't discovered until The Late Dark Ages where they were used for a decade in the aid of trauma until Lex Luthor attempted using them for the pursuit of mind control in the interest of getting past superman invulnerable skin.[2]

They were later used in the VR lenses developed by Obsidian North to create a link between what the brain sees and what it wants to see, Establishing a blank slate in the mind. Which Lena Luthor believes this link could direct the slate to impose rules on the viewer.[3]

Lena used q-waves in the Project Non Nocere together with Myriad so that she could "fix" people, but she was stopped thanks to Malefic J'onzz and the D.E.O..[4]

Lex also used q-waves in his own non nocere to control people and kill anyone who didn't work, but he was stopped by Superfriends.[5]


  • Memory erasure: Q-waves were originally used for trauma treatment by erasing the memory of the event, however, a dose of 80 biohertz could permanently erase a person's mind.[2]
  • Inception/Mind control: Malefic's Q-waves broadcast on a special frequency that allows him to control the thoughts and emotions of others, This led Lena Luthor to study him and later localize and replicate for Project Non Nocere.[5]




  • Doses of Q-Waves are administered in increments of 20 biohertz.
  • The occipital lobe is the part of the brain where Q-waves are generated.
  • Q-waves are projected like sonar from a dolphin.