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"They control all criminal enterprises across the entire country. Four corners."
Ricardo Diaz to Laurel Lance[src]

The Quadrant was a legendary massive criminal organization that control all the criminal enterprises across the United States. The name "quadrant" is derived from the four corners of the organization's reach across the country, each one represented by a different leader.


"You know the Quadrant's the most powerful criminal organization on the continent?"
Ricardo Diaz to Laurel Lance[src]

Each of the Quadrant's leaders wear a squared ring with four dots at the corners in order to identify themselves.

After the deaths of three of the leaders and the incarceration of another, Ricardo Diaz ultimately became its only leader.

However, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow turned himself over to the FBI in exchange for their help in taking down Diaz, his criminal empire began falling as well as his entire influence over Star City was destroyed, the Quadrant lost Star City as an asset and he was forced into hiding.

Diaz finally comes out of hiding in an attempt to use a bomb to destroy all of Star City to get revenge on Oliver for destroying his criminal empire; however, this attempt of his was stopped by the new Green Arrow and John Diggle, with the two later taking him down, after which Diaz is arrested and sent to Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Diaz is burned to death, leading the Quadrant to become inactive, if not disbanded.


The Quadrant met for a meeting at Villa Centanni. While there, they were interrupted by Ricardo Diaz and Laurel Lance. Diaz wished for a spot amongst them, but Remy Cartier refused, causing Diaz to kill him and take his place.[1]

The Quadrant went after the Scorpions in order to take out their competition.[2]

After killing Lydia Cassamento and Dragos Ibanescu for their disloyalty, as well as frightening Cyrus Broderick into giving his loyalty in the organization, Diaz became the leader of the Quadrant.[3]

Cyrus Broderick was arrested when John Diggle, Wild Dog, Samanda Watson, and the FBI raided Diaz's base of operations; leaving Diaz as the only leader free and alive of the Quadrant When Oliver Queen/Green Arrow turned himself over to the FBI in exchange for their help in taking down Diaz (as well as both Laurel and Anatoly betraying him for Team Arrow) his criminal empire began falling, the Quadrant lost Star City as an asset and he was forced into hiding with his new allies; the Longbow Hunters.[4]

With the incarceration of Diaz at Slabside Prison[5] and his subsequent death[6] at Emiko's hand,[7] it is unclear what the status of the organization due to all of its leaders being dead or in hiding.[5]

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