The Quantum splicer is a device that was created by "Harrison Wells" and Cisco Ramon, to separate Firestorm back into Ronnie Raymond (and later Jefferson Jackson) and Martin Stein, it can also be used to re-merge the two back into Firestorm.


Original version

Initially Eobard Thawne had planned to destroy Firestorm, because the Firestorm Matrix was becoming unstable, and was going to explode, which would kill millions of people in Central City. However, Eobard later changed his mind when he realized that a piece of the tachyon prototype could be modified into a Quantum splicer. With the help of Cisco Ramon they completed the device. Caitlin Snow gave the Quantum splicer to Firestorm, to separate him back into Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein and prevent them from causing a nuclear explosion. Unfortunately, even when he activated the Quantum splicer, he still exploded. This explosion was thankfully non-nuclear, and the Quantum splicer had successfully separated Ronnie and Martin.[1]

Later, when Martin was captured by Wade Eiling, so that he could find out the secrets of project F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. and create an army of super soldiers to make the United States Army stronger, the Flash was successful at rescuing Martin. However, when Eiling's soldiers came after Martin, they shot a rocket at him, and Barry took the rocket for Martin, but it was no ordinary rocket. It contained white phosphorous and he had to run in order to create a vacuum and wear it off. Whilst engaged in this, Ronnie tried to help Martin escape Facility 27 but they were outnumbered and overwhelmed by Eiling's soldiers, when they realized they had to become Firestorm if they were to have any hope of escape. After successfully escaping, they realized that the Quantum splicer could not only be used to separate the two, but also to merge them into Firestorm. It was presumably destroyed when Ronnie sacrificed himself to stop the singularity from destroying Central City.[2][3]

Modified second version

Another one was created for Jefferson Jackson following the apparent death of Ronnie. This one had a different design from the last one, and some modifications have been made to it as now a suit appears whenever Jax and Martin merge.[4][5]

Known users


The Flash

DC's Legends of Tomorrow


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Behind the scenes

  • The device was designed to look like Firestorm's insignia from the comics, an abstract atom.


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