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Queen-Merlyn Enterprises was a company owned and operated by Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlyn, prior to Earth-2's destruction via antimatter.


Oliver Queen made his way into the company's applied sciences division in order to retrieve some dwarf star particles, but discovered that the Dark Archer had already been through, killing some scientists. Because of this, the following morning he went to Malcolm Merlyn's office to confront him. He met with Malcolm, who showed him around the company. Oliver left to secretly go to the IT department, finding the head's office and hacking into his computer, finding details on the dwarf star project. That night, the Green Arrow attacked Merlyn in his office, but was intercepted by the Dark Archer, with whom he fought.[1]

The entirety of Earth-2 was later destroyed by a wave of antimatter, destroying Queen-Merlyn Enterprises with it.[1]

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