Queen Consolidated is a company founded by Robert Queen and run primarily by the Queen family. It is located in Star City and was its head business.

It was run by Robert until his death in 2007, then taken over by Walter Steele. After Malcolm Merlyn kidnapped Walter, Moira Queen became the acting CEO. Walter stepped down from his position as CEO after being rescued by The Hood. In 2013, with Walter Steele's help, Oliver Queen became co-CEOs with Isabel Rochev. Oliver Queen was CEO of Queen Consolidated for a time. Later, Isabel Rochev took the company from Oliver Queen and became CEO of Queen Consolidated with Slade Wilson's help until her death. Oliver tried to bid for his company back, but the company was bought by Ray Palmer and rebranded as Palmer Technologies.

Queen Consolidated has subsidiaries all over the United States[1] and abroad, including Vancouver[2] and a prominent corporation in Moscow, Russia.[3] The company also has a holding in Melbourne, Australia.[4]


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Queen Consolidated was founded by Robert Queen. After Robert's death in 2007, CFO Walter Steele took over as CEO.

In 2009, Moira Queen withdrew $2.6 million of company funds from a Vancouver subsidiary to set up an offshore LLC under the name "Tempest".[2]

Over the next few years, Queen Consolidated began modernizing as it expanded into cutting edge fields such as biotechnology and clean energy, bringing the company to new heights. In late 2012, a separate site was commissioned for the Applied Sciences division, named in honor of Robert.[5]

In October 2012, Walter acquired Unidac Industries as a subsidiary for Queen Consolidated.[6]

The compliance department of Queen Consolidated tagged Moira's $2.6 million variance in November 2012, prompting Walter to investigate in order to prevent the company from facing an IRS audit. Later, Walter seemingly closed the proceedings, but had I.T. specialist Felicity Smoak look into the transaction off-the-books.[2]

After Walter was kidnapped by Malcolm Merlyn, Moira took over as acting CEO, Walter was eventually found and rescued by Oliver Queen (under the guise of the vigilante known as the Hood) despite this, Walter resigned from his position as CEO, as he had figured out that Moira was involved in his kidnapping and wanted to keep as much distance from her as possible. Moira continued to serve as acting CEO until she was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder; due to her involvement in the Undertaking, the board of directors removed her as the acting CEO for good.

Moira's involvement in the Undertaking not only resulted in a huge scandal for Queen Consolidated, but it also almost resulted in the company becoming bankrupt.

In 2013 to early 2014, Oliver fought to save his family's company, and with help from Walter Steele, became a 50% shareholder in Queen Consolidated and he became co-CEOs with Isabel Rochev. As CEO of Queen Consolidated, Oliver made Felicity his executive assistant, much to her dismay, so she would be in close proximity, he needed her help to run the company, and he trusted her completely, compared to Isabel, and John Diggle remained his bodyguard and driver, while also helping Oliver run the company. Oliver also planned to use Queen Consolidated resources to repair and help the city after the Undertaking and also restore the Queen name to a good standing. Oliver began working with Alderman Sebastian Blood to improve the city while supporting his mayoral campaign and Oliver and Sebastian became friends. Oliver and Isabel had a rivalry running the company. Isabel's full focus was on business and turning a profit, plus, she had business experience. Oliver's secret responsibilities as the Arrow made it hard for him to prove himself to be a good CEO to the board sometimes. Getting investors to help fund Queen Consolidated was a challenge too. When Slade Wilson returned, Oliver focused more on stopping him than running the company. When Thea Queen was kidnapped by Slade and an important board meeting came up, Oliver made Isabel temporary CEO so he could focus on saving Thea from Slade. Isabel used the opportunity to her advantage.

In April 2014, Isabel became full CEO of Queen Consolidated with backing from Slade Wilson (after deceiving Oliver out of his company) until her death.[7] During that time, she deliberately ran the company and many of its assets into the ground, looking to strip Oliver of his financial resources.

In late 2014, Oliver attempted to bid for his company back, but ultimately the board named Ray Palmer as CEO. As a part of his new vision, Ray shortly re-branded the company under his own banner, Palmer Technologies.


When the multiverse rebooted, Oliver prevented Moira's death. This prevented Isobel from gaining control of the company and running it into the ground. Thus it never became Palmer Tech.

Possible future

Although during the present time, Queen Consolidated no longer exists as an entity of that name, there is some indication that a similar company may again come into existence; a Central City Citizen newspaper from 2024 held by Eobard Thawne announced a merger with Wayne Tech of a Queen Inc.. It is unclear if the Queen Industrial Inc. sub-division remains active under that name after the Palmer re-brand or if control of the company eventually reverted to the Queen family.[8]

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  • Queen Consolidated generates over 240,000 watts of electricity.[9]

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