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Queen Industrial Inc. was a subsidiary of Queen Consolidated used to finance industrial-related endeavors, such as steel fabrication and welding. It is located in the East sector of The Glades in Star City.

The factory housed the original Arrowcave and was then home to the nightclub Verdant, under ownership of Thea Queen.


Queen Industrial Inc. was established around or some point prior to 1992. It employed about 1,500 people.

In 2007, Queen Consolidated's CEO Robert Queen sold Queen Industrial Inc. and outsourced production to China. All of the factory's employees were subsequently laid off. Robert additionally denied the employees their pensions and severance packages by having his lawyers find loopholes in their union contracts.[1]

In October 2012 after Oliver Queen returned to Starling City, he built his lair, the Arrowcave, in the basement Queen Industrial Inc. for his vigilante activities.[2] He later used the first floor of the steel factory building to open up a nightclub, Verdant, as a cover.[3]

After Queen Consolidated was bought out by Isabel Rochev, she gained ownership of Queen Industrial Inc. since the building was an asset of the company.[4]

After Isabel's death, Queen Industrial Inc. fell into ownership of Ray Palmer when he bought Queen Consolidated and rebranded it into Palmer Technologies.[5]

When Thea Queen returned to Starling City in late 2014, she bought the deeds to the Queen Industrial Inc. building and reopened Verdant.[6]

Captain Lance and the SCPD discovered the Arrowcave in the Queen Industrial Inc. basement while on a manhunt for the Arrow. As a result, Team Arrow no longer used the steel factory building as their base.[7]

Known employees

Former employees

  • Derek Reston (foreman; laid off)
  • 1,499 unnamed employees (laid off)



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