Queller is a friend of Samantha Arias and the latter's go-to babysitter for her daughter, Ruby Arias.


Mrs. Queller was supposed to pick Ruby Arias up from school due to Samantha Arias' new job schedule. However, Ruby was taken home early by her mother during the day after she physically assaulted a classmate.[1]

While Samantha went on a day-long road trip, she left Ruby with Mrs. Queller.[2] A few days later on Christmas Eve, Samantha had Mrs. Queller pick Ruby up from L-Corp and take her home.[3]

When Samantha had to go out of town on a business trip, Mrs. Queller was supposed to babysit Ruby but cancelled at the last minute, so Alex Danvers watched Ruby instead.[4]

As Lena Luthor worked to rid Samantha of Reign, she arranged for Mrs. Queller and Ruby to stay in Lex Luthor's mansion.[5] When Reign escaped and began hunting Ruby, Alex visited to protect her and was welcomed by Mrs. Queller. As they toured through the mansion, Mrs. Queller remarked on the features of the residence, finding its amenities quite lovely once getting over the ownership and decor. Queller then directed Alex to Ruby and was presumably sent home afterwards, not being present for Reign's attack.[6]



Season 3


  • She is apparently a terrible cook.[2]

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