An unnamed man is a retired agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is the father of Quentin Lance and the paternal grandfather of the late Laurel Lance and Sara Lance.


In 1942, the man was an F.B.I. agent in New York City.[1]

Quentin gives Oliver his father's wristwatch.

On the day of his son, Quentin Lance's wedding to Dinah, the man gifted him a wristwatch.[2]


Quentin gave his father's wristwatch to Oliver Queen during the latter's wedding to Felicity Smoak, acknowledging Oliver as a son to him.[1]


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  • For this man to work in the F.B.I. in 1942, he would’ve had to have been born in the early 1920s at the latest, meaning that he would've been in his 40s or 50s at the time of his son's birth. Although not impossible, it's more likely that Sara just made up the excuse of having "a grandfather in the FBI" in 1942 to go after Damien Darhk without raising suspicion.


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