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Quentin Quale is a physicist at Concordance Research and an old friend of Martin Stein.


Early life[]

Quentin Quale attended the University of Chicago, where he was classmates with Martin Stein, as they were both of "class of '74". During this period, Quale and Stein protested the Vietnam War together. The two's relationship could be seen as more than mere acquaintances, for Stein was the only person whom Quale shared with the truth about his brother's death being a suicide.[1]

Encounter with Firestorm[]

In early 2015, Quale was approached by Stein, whose consciousness was trapped in a stranger's body, asking him for help. Firestorm ended up losing control of his powers and severely burned Quale, leaving the latter in critical condition.[1]


The Flash[]

Season 1[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Quentin Quale is a project manager employed by Concordance Research who supervises other department heads, including physicist Martin Stein