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"Well, no time like the present to create the future."
—Querl Dox[src]

Querl Dox, also known as Brainiac 5, is a Coluan and a former member of the Legion. A 12th-level intellect, Brainiac 5 is an incredible scientist and combat strategist, affectionately nicknamed "Brainy" by the other Legionnaires. He also goes by the alias Barney Fife[1] when operating among humans. While organizing a pro-alien rally, he used the screen name American Alien.

In the 21st century, Brainy and the Legion helped Supergirl to defeat Reign and the Worldkillers. After they were defeated, Brainy decided to stay in the past and join the D.E.O.. Subsequently, Brainy met the Naltorian Nia Nal during the attacks of the Children of Liberty and helped her to control her powers. Unfortunately, during a rescue mission with J'onn J'onzz and Nia, he is electrocuted by security guards, causing his mind to "reboot", making him cruel and emotionless, similarly to his evil ancestors. He later regained his emotions after seeing Nia in mortal danger. Later, Brainy declared himself to Nia and they started a relationship.

Brainy was killed by a antimatter wave during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, but was resuscitated when Spectre created the new multiverse. Several Brainys from other Earths have taken refuge in the new Earth and help Brainy to accept and turn off personality inhibitors. Eventually, the Brainys decided to leave the Earth and exist within the Big Brain, but before leaving, the female doppelgänger advised Brainy to ally with Lex Luthor and cut off all emotional attachment to defeat Leviathan. So, Brainy is forced to break up with Nia and acts cold and distant towards the Superfriends.

During this time, Brainy was in agony, not only from not having Nia in his life, but also from the fear of losing himself to the darkness within him. Brainy's efforts working with Lex proved to be successful, as they were able to stop Leviathan, although Brainy was forced to give up his lifeforce to do so. He later learnt that Lex had been manipulating him, planning to use the Gods against Supergirl. Brainy was saved by Nia and they, along with the team, defeated Lex Luthor, but first he sent Supergirl to the Phantom Zone, leaving they trying to find a way to bring her back.

Eventually, they managed to rescue Kara from the Phantom Zone along with her father Zor-El, but without them realizing the Imp Nyxlygsptlnz came along. Back on Earth, Nyxly and Lex teamed up to find the AllStone Totems. After Lex and Nyxly ended up imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by Lex's blunder, Brainy decided against returning to the future; having chosen his love for Nia over logic.


Original multiverse

Early life

Querl was born in the 31st century on the planet Colu into the so-called "Brainiac clan".[2] He is implied to have had a strained relationship with his mother.[3] A genius with a 12th-level intellect, the highest ever recorded on the planet, Querl was inspired by the superheroism of the 21st century and Supergirl's ideals, as well as the story and legend about her.[4] At some point, during Querl's younger years, he visited a planet with his parents, leading to his mother bottling the planet for him to keep. However, his father found out and placed personality inhibitors on him in order to prevent Querl from becoming like her.[1]

At some point in his life, he joined The Legion,[5] a group of superheroes founded and led by the time-displaced Daxamite Mon-El.

During a mission, Querl encountered snake-like creatures that caused him to develop a phobia to anything remotely similar.[6]

At some point, Querl was interrogated for 18 straight days on a planet by the Emerald blood-eating ten eyed beast Ik'Lofrai'iork.[7]

While on a mission, Querl, Mon-El, Imra Ardeen and three other unidentified Legionnaires hit a wormhole and were transported 12,000 years into the past. They decided to put themselves into cryo-sleep until the 31st century, but Mon-El and Imra were awakened early when a torpedo hit their ship in 2017.[4]

21st century

Imra, Brainy and Mon-El in talk to the DEO.

When Supergirl fell in the fight with Reign and fell into a coma, Imra and Mon-El awoke Querl from sleep, who would help the heroine. He connected her to a special device and thanks to his multitasking he stayed in her mind and at the same time cooperated with D.E.O. Seeing how Reign had destroyed herself in the National City, Alex asked the Legion to act, but they refused because of their latest mission - its importance to the fate of the world.

The Legion.

After a while, they decided to reveal the details, but still couldn't help. After this awkward conversation, Imra made the devastated Mon-El realize that you fight when there is something to fight for. These words motivated the hero, who immediately set off with Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 to fight Reign. However, the opponent turned out to be much stronger for the three heroes, and when she was ready to kill the wounded Imra, Supergirl awoke from her coma and injected thee nemy with kryptonite serum, forcing her to flee. After that, the heroes returned to the headquarters of D.E.O., where scientists dressed their wounds.[5]

D.E.O. began to work and, wanting to learn more about Reign, they had to talk to Jindah Kol Rozz - a priestess who was a prisoner of Fort Rozz. Unfortunately for them, the Kryptonian prison was in the depths of space next to a celestial body that limited Kara's powers. Therefore, Imra decided to help the heroine and together with Livewire and Psi, using the legion's ship, reached the space prison. All the while Querl did his best to help the women's team from the D.E.O. base, but he was crowded with old technology and their unreliability, refusing the help of Winn Schott, whose tips ultimately proved to be extremely valuable. It was thanks to him that the team returned to Earth safe and sound, which allowed them to provide information about several other Worldkillers.[8]

When Kara and Mon-El discovered a group of birds that fell to the ground dead, they immediately examined them. It quickly turned out that the last worldkiler - Pestilence, which Imra wanted to get rid of with all her strength, could be behind it. Supergirl, however, wanted to reason with her opponent, trying not to make the mistakes she had made towards Julia Freeman. Soon after, Brainiac, along with Imra and Mon-El, began working on a cure to combat the effects of Pestilence, during which the couple quarreled over the lies about the purpose of their mission. When did D.E.O. linked the worldkiller identity to Grace Parker, they immediately took care of the woman. Before that, however, Imra got the location from Brianiac and also flew to the place where she saw that Kara might be right. Despite her efforts, Pestilence with Purity's help managed to escape, but the entire attack managed to get the alien's DNA, which allowed for the development of a vaccine. The heroes returned to the headquarters of D.E.O., where they dressed their wounds and regrouped, administering medicine to the wounded. The conversation was interrupted by the attack of two worldkillers on the underground under L-Corp, where the team moved immediately. There, it turned out that under the hood Reign was Samantha Arias, a friend of Lena Luthor, who had been studying her for a long time. The worldkillers, however, managed to escape, being even more powerful than alone.[9]

The heroes took Lena to D.E.O.'s headquarters, where they interrogated her, finding out that the woman had been trying to save Sam Arias from Reign for several weeks. Soon after, it was revealed that the united worldkillers were bringing an apocalypse on Earth, starting with a solar eclipse, during which Supergirl lost consciousness for a while. When she awoke, she revealed that she was in a dark valley and saw Sam. Luthor immediately confirmed that this is some kind of alternate world that Arias exists in when Reign takes control. Therefore, the heroine came up with a plan to get there and help her friend. Thanks to the Legion's ship and the help of Imra, Mon-El and Querl, assumptions became possible, and the heroine's actions led to receiving a signal from Sam in the middle of the desert. Supergirl was awakened and immediately after that the hero found the Fortress of Sanctuary, where a fight with worldkilers took place. As a result, Purity and Pestilence died, but their power was absorbed by Reign, who escaped before the heroes could do anything.[10]

The legion began preparing to return to the future by saying goodbye to friends. Querl said goodbye personally to Winn, whom he befriended. He handed him sand from the future in which he had planted the bedbugs. With their help, shortly after leaving Earth, he learned that Reign had tripled her strength. Thus, he calculated the probability that Supergirl and the team had to defeat the enemy. This made Mon-El more and more contemplating returning. It was then that Imra allowed him to leave the ship to help his friends. She believed that if he did his job and stayed there, it would also be his destiny. Despite everything, she believed internally in the return of the man.[11]

Later, Querl, along with Imra, returned to Earth just in time to help the heroes fight the decaying Earth, caused by the witches of Krypton. They stopped a giant wave heading towards National City, after which everyone celebrated the victory at the D.E.O. Taking advantage of the moment, the alien decided to talk to Mon-El and Winn, introducing them to the situation that is taking place in the future. The main point was that Agent Schott would have to replace him on his time. The man, after much reflection and talking to his friend, agreed, and the agency said goodbye to the agent. Querl soon found an envelope on his desk with a diagram of the device that made Winn shine in the future.[12]

Against the Children of Liberty

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Later, Brainy assists the D.E.O. in their fight against the Children of Liberty led by Ben Lockwood as well as Lex Luthor's plot to discredit Supergirl. He also acts as a mentor to Nia Nal, an ancestor of Nura Nal's, when teaching her how to master her abilities; a romantic relationship between them eventually develops.


Brainy and J'onn J'onzz accompanied Lois Lane to Earth-1 to help Superman, The Flash, Kara, and Green Arrow. Upon arrival, Brainy was surprised to see the robot A.M.A.Z.O. with the powers of Superman and thanked everyone for inviting him to the fight. Brainy faced A.M.A.Z.O. bravely until he was able to deactivate it and rejoined the others, joking that he should only remove his battery. Saying goodbye to their allies of Earth-1, Brainy, Kara, Clark, Lois, and J'onn returned to Earth-38.[13]

Ending the Children of Liberty

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When James Olsen is shot, Brainy and Nia go to visit him at the hospital. Nia thinks she should have foreseen this and is comforted by Brainy. When Brainy is irritated to remember the traumas of his past, Nia tries to calm him down by kissing him.[14]

J'onn, Brainy, and Nia later try to infiltrate a government base to save the apprehended aliens there. While J'onn and Nia are captured, the agents electrocute Brainy, inadvertently rebooting him and causing him to be exactly like his ancestors. He escapes and betrays J'onn and Nia, getting them deported with all the other aliens there. After seeing Nia Nal in danger, Brainy's emotions returned and he went back to normal.[15]

New relationship

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Following the Stanton Island incident, Brainy confessed his affection to Nia, sparking their romance. While heading to game night at Kara's loft, Brainy was with Nia; they caught Alex and Kelly Olsen kissing, symbolising their own romance. Brainy jokingly told them they saw nothing to allow them privacy.[16]

Brainy and the Superfriends battle Midnight.

Brainy and Nia were happy because they started dating. The Superfriends discovered that a prisoner named Midnight escaped from the Phantom Zone, and they had to capture her. During Kara's Pulitzer Prize Party, Brainy presented Kara with a device to use nanotechnology to activate her new suit. When Midnight appeared, Brainy and the Superfriends confronted the prisoner until they managed to send her back to the Phantom Zone.[17]

Nia is getting ready for the morning while Brainy continues to read her poetry he wrote, as he has done for the past few days, already a poem 124. While at work, Brainy goes to work looking into the information on the USB stick Supergirl found at Caroline O'Connor's apartment, but it is incriminated with something he has never seen before. That night, Nia is woken from a nightmare, upon returning home, she finally confronts Brainy about his obsessive affection towards her. She tells him it's too much, visibly hurt Brainy leaves.[18]

Brainy and the Superfriends throw James a goodbye party.

Brainy later learned that Nia appreciated his affection, but his obsessiveness in displaying it was what got on her nerves. Deciding to go with small gestures and try holding back his obsessive traits, Brainy reconciled with Nia. Shortly after sending Malefic to the Phantom Zone, Brainy and the others bid farewell to James Olsen.[19]

At some point, Brainy had finally watched Star Wars; since both Kara and J'onn were disappointed he hadn't seen such great films, he decided to make it a goal to understand the references.[citation needed]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

Superfriends watch the destruction of Argo City

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Brainy discovered an unknown force was approaching from outside the solar system; it would hit Argo on the edge first before bouncing back briefly, reaching Earth in 14 hours. Harbinger arrived at the DEO after Argo perished in the rebound wave of antimatter, bringing Superman and Lois from it with Kate Kane, Oliver Queen and Mia Smoak of Earth-1. Harbinger explained the antimatter wave has to be stopped in the 38th universe if the rest of the multiverse stands a chance of surviving.

Oliver's death.

A quantum tower burst from the ground to push back the antimatter wave. White Canary, the Flash and the Atom arrived as well; Brainy instantly liked Ray Palmer, as he spoke Brainy's tech lingo. Brainy lent the Legion ship to J'onn to help evacuate the populace to Earth-1, which would be the final Earth to go. Brainy left Earth-38 with the Superfriends and 3 billion of the 7.5 billion lives on that Earth.[20]

Later, Brainy as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[21] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[22]

New multiverse

War against Leviathan

A new Earth

Brainy was among the few people to whom J'onn restored memory of the previous multiverse. With his knowledge of the old multiverse restored, Brainy tried locating any of the old realities through vibrational frequencies, only to turn up nothing. Thus, much like Cisco Ramon, Brainy believed only one Earth had been reborn (albeit with elements of at least five different ones merged together).

Coluans from different Earths

Whilst on a date with Nia, Querl met an alternate version of himself from another Earth, resulting in the D.E.O. learning that multiple doppelgängers of Querl had arrived on Earth-Prime through a wormhole during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. During this commotion, one of them was murdered, but not before talking about preventing someone from "opening a bottle". Whilst investigating the murder, Querl began to feel inadequate in comparison to his doppelgangers and eventually confided in his female doppelgänger.[1]

Saving Earth-Prime

Once it was revealed that one of the doppelgangers had effectively bottled his Earth and intended to set it free, Querl discarded his personality inhibitors in order to fully realize his potential, eventually being able to stop his doppelganger from releasing the bottled Earth, which would've resulted in the destruction of Earth-Prime. In his newly revealed true form, his two remaining doppelgängers granted him each of their life inhibitors in order for them to join the Big Brain. Before leaving, his female counterpart warned Querl of opposing Lex Luthor and encouraged him to instead help him, claiming that, on her Earth, their opposition of Lex led to destruction. Querl was then told to abandon the ones he loved in order to save them. Later on, he arrived at Nia Nal's apartment and informed her that he was ending their relationship, leaving thereafter.[1]

Working with Lex Luthor

At night, Querl attacked a prison bus and helped a doppelganger of Winn Schott, who had become Toyman, escape. He brought him to Lex, who had previously said that he wanted knowledge from the future. Later, Toyman attacked a toy convention but was interrupted by Earth Prime's Winn Schott who reunited with his friends. Alex tasked Querl with uncovering who Toyman's ally was, not knowing that in reality it was Querl. At the D.E.O, Querl told Lex to call Toyman off so that he didn't hurt anyone. However, Lex refused and Querl stared to begin to doubt Lex. The team meets again at J'onn J'ozz's new headquarters, The Tower, where Querl saw Nia Nal. When Nia Nal, didn't tell anyone what she saw in her dream, Querl started questioning her, which lead to her pushing him and using his old nickname. The team found out where Toyman was going to attack and stopped the assassination of Andrea Rojas. During the battle, Querl paused, worried for Nia Nal. Winn noticed this. Afterwards, Winn confronted Brainy about his behavior, and Querl told him the truth, visibly nervous that he was doing the wrong thing and saying that he was afraid he was becoming the bad guy. Winn reassured him that he still considered Querl, an old friend and that he would keep his secret.[23]

When Kara, Alex, J'onn, and Winn were at the dive bar, Brainy was on a call to Lex, who told him that he should keep Alex "under control" as she had planted spyware on her tablet. He was later attacked by a drone controlled by Toyman who had uploaded his conscious to the D.E.O servers. Kara, Alex, and Winn stopped the drone, and Winn recognized the music the drone was broadcasting. At the D.E.O, they figured out that Toyman was attempting to get out into the internet. After, a brief skirmish, they got a call from Lex, stating that Supergirl couldn't use her power as they had kryptonite safeguards and no anti-kryptonite protectors. After, everyone left, Querl called Lex back. Lex told him to get Toyman's immorality code. Winn briefly confronted Querl on whether or not this was one of Lex's plans, where Querl said it was. While Alex was trying to delink D.E.O equipment, she found out that Querl has deleted her Spyware. Alex confronted Querl, who confessed to deleting the spyware but said it was to keep her safe. After, Toyman was defeated and Winn went back to the future, Alex told everyone she was quitting the D.E.O. Querl went to tell Lex this and give him the code which he gathered during the commotion. Lex then promoted Querl to the Director of the D.E.O.[24]

Lex came to visit Querl while he was working on a mortality code in order to kill Leviathan. He informed Lex that they would need something to weaken first. Lex quickly shot the idea down so Querl added there was another option but that they needed access to Leviathan’s base. At the same time, an agent informed him that there was an attack on Andrea Rojas. Lex decided to use this as an opportunity to gain Leviathan by using supergirl to defend Andrea. Later, Alex calls him asking for info about a suspect. Querl lies to her, in order to prevent her from looking into it. Querl then, bring up a hologram of his doppelgänger and talks to him about how his worries of betraying his friends. His doppelgänger tells him that he has to work with Lex to save the future. When Supergirl bring Andrea to the D.E.O, Querl puts her in a cell so that she is safe while he goes to stop the launch of Obsidian Platinum.

When Querl is unable to stop the Launch, he calls Lex for him but he doesn’t respond. Supergirl eventually stops it and Querl confronts Lex. Lex tells him that Supergirl will always save the day and Querl starts doubting Lex even more. When the D.E.O arrives to a crime scene where Nia had just taken down a dominator, Querl thanked her and was about to say something but instead just thanked her again. Nia also was going to say something but then stopped. Later, Kara called him to ask him for help locating a homophobic attacker. Querl said that it was terrible, then rephrased his statement so that he could keep up his charade. After he helped Nia, and she had taken down the attacker, Querl went to the police and gave them files on a transphobic group that the attacker belonged to.[25]

The next day, everyone is hit with the unexpected news of the death of Alex and Kara’s father. They all attend the funeral in Midvale.[26]

When Querl asked Lex to help him locate the people kidnapped by Leviathan, Lex said that he couldn't, as it would put him and Lena in danger but encouraged him to help by using Myriad. Querl went to the Superfriends with this idea and Kara reluctantly agreed. However, Lex just wanted this to happen so as to frame Kara and release a Sun-Eater (confined at the Fortress) as a distraction. Querl helped stop the Sun-Eater by suggesting that Kara should wear a Lexosuit to enable her pursue the creature into space.[27]

Brainy bottles Rama Khan, Sela and Tezumak.

Querl confronted Lex about releasing the sun-eater and helping Leviathan destroy the world. He stated that his friends could have died and that he wasn't going to stand back while Leviathan tried to kill his friends. Lex ordered to not intervene. Querl disobeyed Lex's orders and went to help the super friends fight Rama Khan. Kara tried to convince him not to take Rama Khan to the D.E.O but he did. Querl tried to strike a deal with Rama Khan to take him to their ship. However, it was a trap, and Rama Khan completely destroyed the D.E.O. Querl looked sadly at the destruction of the D.E.O. He then attempted to talk to Kara and Nia but they shut him out. After Kara left, Nia got angry at Brainy as she thought that this Brainy was different than her Brainy and she couldn't trust him. She asked him to tell her the truth but he didn't after which Nia told him that if Querl couldn't choose a side then she would do it for him. Querl then met with Lex where he told him that the D.E.O's destruction was all his fault. Lex started laughing at that and Querl figured out that Lex wanted Rama Khan to go to the D.E.O to get kryptonite. Lex told him that he gave Leviathan a tool that could hurt Supergirl but it needed kryptonite. He added that Leviathan was pleased with it and gave him an invite to their ship.[28]

Brainy gets mad at Lex.

Brainy talked with his female doppelgänger and he tells her he'll bottle Leviathan. Brainy succeeds in bottling them but he got injured in the process.

When Lex returned, he yelled at the Brainy asking him why he didn't wait for Supergirl to die; the latter replied that he underestimated him as he would never let his friends die, to which Lex laughed saying he didn't underestimate anything since he knew since the beginning he would have chosen to shrink the Gods in a bottle instead of kill them but he didn't expect for him to choose suicide in order to do it. Taking away the bottle in which Brainiac 5 sealed Leviathan, Lex informed him that he succeeded in preventing Leviathan from killing Supergirl, thus; forcing him to do it himself. Continuing, he said it would be fun right before mockingly saluting him and exiting the room.[29]

The last of Leviathan

As Brainy laid dying, Dreamer suddenly appeared and wanted to help but she could not enter the room. Brainy watched as she solidified an astral projection to open the door for herself; however, Gamemnae attacked and repelled Dreamer. The other Superfriends soon arrived and Miss Martian removed Brainy and Dreamer to a non-lethal area of the Leviathan ship, where Alex Danvers used the Hand of the soldier to cure Brainy. Realizing that Gamemnae was a living computer, Brainy gave Alex the Anti-life equation to defeat her.

At the Tower, Brainy was assigned to work with Lena Luthor to disable the modified Project Non Nocere that Lex called "I Love Lexi" to make everyone who had entered Obsidian Platinum love him unconditionally. Brainy used that opportunity to tell Len that he thought he could handle Lex's scheming by working with him, but obviously he could not; Lena understood fully from her own experiences. Before Dreamer went to the Fortress of Solitude to confront Lex personally, Brainy apologized for his months of distance and asked if they could rebuild their relationship. When Dreamer agreed, Brainy gave her a flight ring to help her in battle.[30]

Absence of Kara


Brainy and the team found Silas White and questioned him about how to get into the Phantom Zone to save Kara. The team later built a portal but several phantoms escaped, but they managed to capture them again soon after.[31]

Superfriends about to save M'gann.

Brainy saw the news report that Lex was acquitted from his crimes against humanity and began talking to the screen expressing how angry he was and how Lex deserved punishment. When the Martians entered with Silas who had been infected by Prime Phantom, Brainy researched the origins of phantoms and related to Alex that, in the future, the soul was discovered to be a true object. When Silas lost his soul, turned into a phantom, and attacked, Brainy and J'onn fought and captured him.

Later, as Lena rhetorically suggested death for Lex, Brainy took the suggestion seriously and began plotting how to dispose of his body; Brainy was dissuaded from the plot by Lena, causing him to have an emotional breakdown where he admired his rage and that he missed Kara. Prime Phantom led an attack on the Tower but it was repelled by Lena, Alex, and Brainy.[32]

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Distractions and time travel

Brainy and Nia attempt to save Kara from the Phantom Zone by time traveling back to Kara's home in 2009.[33]

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Upon returning to 2020, Brainy and Nia learned that, instead of returning to the exact moment they left, three days had passed for the Superfriends; Brainy admitted that he was not a good driver of the timeship. J'onn transformed the Tower into a spaceship and the Superfriends, including new addition Kelly Olsen, went to the Phantom Zone.

In the Phantom Zone, humans have fearful dreams and hallucinations; Brainy saw balloons everywhere, but he did not let his fear stop him from running the ship as only he and J'onn were immune to the full effect of the alien environment. The Superfriends found Kara with Zor-El and brought them back to Earth-Prime.[34]

The return of Kara

Brainy and the team welcomed Kara and Zor-El with a party. Due to contamination in the remains of the D.E.O., Brainy inserted his technology into Kellex's body, which he named Oscar. When Kellex turned into a garbage monster, Brainy and the Superfriends fought him until Brainy deactivated him. Soon after, Brainy set out on a journey to bring Zor-El to Argo City[35], but it took a little while to arrive.[36]

The Seven AllStone Totems

Brainy and Kara do a health food commercial.

Brainy and Kara did a healthy food commercial to inspire the kids. The Superfriends helped the homeless get the Ormfell Building to live in. Soon after, Brainy promised Kara that he would always fight by her side no matter what.[37]

Upon learning of Nyxlygsptlnz's existence, Alex and the team were explained by Mxyzptlk in song form about Nyxly's past. He and the others supported Kara in stopping Nyxly together. Brainy found out that Nia was responsible for freeing Nyxly from the dream realm, but he didn't bother and asked her to tell Kara the truth. Brainy and the team began to build an anti magic amulet to take away Nyxly's magical powers. While working on the amulet, he and Nia were interrupted by Mxy, who wanted to help, but Brainy refused his help.

Brainy and the team confront Nyxly.

When a giant cat created by Nyxly attacked the city, Brainy and the Superfriends confronted him. After seeing how Nyxly discovered the trick, Brainy, Alex, and J'onn brought the Phantom Zone Projector to stop Nyxly, but they were defeated by her, and she called a giant dragon to kill them until Brainy and the team were saved by Mxy. Brainy tried to use his weapon to save Mxy. He and the others tried to save Mxy, but Nyxly used the orb to capture Mxy. Soon after, he and the team returned to the Tower, planning to find the seven totems before Nyxly does.[38]

Brainy and the team helped Kelly and John Diggle investigate the destruction of the Ormfell Building, but they were all focused on finding Nyxly and finding the Seven AllStone Totems. After apologizing to Kelly, J'onn and the Superfriends helped her become the new Guardian. Brainy helped Kelly modify the Guardian suit and made it yellow next to the shield. The team faced off against Jean Rankin, who possessed magic due to Nyxly. Brainy helped the team to defeat Jean by taking away his magic. Before Dig left, Brainy asked him where he was going, to which John replied that he has unfinished business, which left Brainy thoughtful.[39]

The Superfriends were searching for the location of the Totem of Courage, but Brainy was looking forward to meeting Doctor Beatrice Lahr. Brainy was possessed by Vita, who helped the team pass the totem test. Brainy, J'onn, and Kara teamed up to form a cyclone to stop a lightning storm caused by Dr. Lahr's failed invention. Brainy was finally able to meet Beatrice.[40] Brainy investigated the location of Mitch's ship to find Nyxly.[41]

Brainy, Kara, and J'onn stop nuclear missiles.

Brainy discussed with the team the location of the next totem and informed Kara that there was a political conflict between Kasnia and Corto Maltese. Brainy met Esme, Alex and Kelly's adopted daughter. She and Brainy became fast friends, and Brainy wanted to help her train and learn to control her abilities. Brainy and J'onn helped Kara destroy Kasnia and Corto Maltese's nuclear missiles. By having three totems, Brainy considered that they should destroy one and the totems would not be complete.[42]

The Superfriends found out about a nightmare monster, so they went to confront him, but Lena accidentally made him invisible. Brainy was able to create a device to send the monster back to its world. The Superfriends managed to defeat the monster. Later, Brainy informed Kara that Nia was unable to get the Dream Totem.[43]

The Superfriends face Lex and Nyxly.

The Superfriends received drawings from Esme about them. Brainy and the group planned to use a fake Love Totem to trick Nyxly. The team managed to fool Nyxly, but were shot down by Lex Luthor, who returned from the 31st century now working with Nyxly. Brainy was shocked by Luthor's return and feared that he would have more weapons from the future. To overcome his fear of Lex, Brainy went with Kara and J'onn to defeat Lex and Nyxly. Brainy and the team obtained the Love Totem, but it was damaged. Determined, Brainy called the Legion to find out what happened to Lex in the future.[44]

A difficult decision

Brainy spoke with the Legion and discovered that in the future Lex and Nyxly would get the totems, but when the AllStone failed, the Legion took advantage and defeated Nyxly. Shortly after, Brainy spoke with the Brainy of Earth-TUD15, who told him that he should go back to the 31st century, but Brainy refused to go because he did not want to know more about the future, and he loved being in 2021. At the end of the call, Brainy told the Superfriends everything about the future. Brainy argued with Nia about going back to the 31st century, but she couldn't come with him.[45]

Final battle against Lex and Nyxly

Brainy helped depower Lex and Nyxly's fragments of the AllStone by using his Telepathic Crown to broadcast Kara's encouragement speech to keep the two from draining the life essence from everyone on Earth; the Superfriends were safe thanks to Kara's fragment protecting them.

Making his own Future

Finding his life as a Legionaire hollow without Nia, Brainy decided to go with Winn to Alex and Kelly's wedding back in 2021. Meeting Nia again, Brainy told her "spock logic" and "the future hasn't been written yet"; he had chosen to be with the woman she loved over going back to repair the Big Brain by sacrificing his life.When Kelly tossed her bouquet, Nia cheated and used her powers to grab it. Winn gave Brainy some friendly ribbing about the implication. While Nia smiled lovingly at him, with the bouquet held up, Brainy gave a smile back to her. Brainy nervously told Winn that there was indeed a 100% chance that he and Nia would get married next.

Brainy and Nia later attended game night at Kara's apartment the night her interview with Cat Grant outed her as Supergirl.[46]

Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline designed by Mr. Mxyzptlk, Brainiac 5 is under the mind control as an enforcer for the city's dictate, Lena Luthor.[47]


"You are caring, and selfless, and good."
Nia Nal to Querl Dox[src]

Querl is an extremely intelligent, logical, but compassionate individual. In the beginning, Querl's compassionate nature was shown in his efforts to help Kara awaken from her coma. Mostly likely due to being a synthetic being, Brainy sometimes comes off as socially awkward and slow to pick up on people's feelings.

However, Querl's massive intellect boasts an equally massive ego, calling himself a "12th Level Intellect", coming up with impossible solutions with technology that doesn't exist yet or dismisses other people's ideas in favor of his own, sometimes even to the point of vocally demeaning other intellects; in addition, he makes his decisions based on logic and calculations which occasionally compromises his morals, which is why he sided with Imra - behind Mon-El, Supergirl and the D.E.O.'s back - in her quest to rid themselves on Pestilence in order to save the millions of lives in the future, including Imra's own sister, Preya. He is also shown to overestimate his capabilities, especially back in the 21st century where the technology is far more limited than to what he is used to.

Even after spending months in the 21st century, Querl has some trouble understanding some things; he doesn't understand needing to keep quiet about carrying on off-the-books research while tending to not understand the purpose of tasks asked of him until explained in greater detail. However, he does have an appreciation for classic movies that both Mon-El and Kara told him about.

Querl seems to have an infatuation with Nia Nal, trying to act cool or becoming clumsy in her presence, she seems to return the attraction, flirting with him several times, furthermore, after Querl lost his emotions, once he saw Nia in a mortal danger his original personality was restored, indicating he deeply cares about her, Querl later admits Nia is the first person he has truly loved in his life, due to this fact, he tends to make some (hilarious) blunders in trying to be romantic, after Nia expressed gratitude for breakfast in bed, Querl attempted to make her happy by sending her lunch, in unfortunately large amounts, although Nia once makes it clear that he was trying too hard to be romantic, Querl backs off and starts trying simpler methods. Querl tends to ask Alex and Kara for dating advice.

Inhibitors removed

Since Querl removed his inhibitors, he has lost the wall holding back his caring and vulnerable side; he also fears the darkness of his ancestral memory, worrying that surpressing his kind side will change him for the worse, noticibly, he is pained to force himself to be apart from Nia, to protect her and their friends while he works against Lex in secret. Though he does subtly show his affection for her, by helping out her community; he assisted the NCPD by giving them better-researched information on their cold cases in trans murders. Querl often seeks advice from the Brainiac 5s that gave him their projectors, as he is not used to operating with raw emotion like they had.

After being tortured by the Children of Liberty, Querl's mind rebooted and made it line up to his more emotionless ancestors, the loss of emotions made him quite ruthless, leading him to leave both Nia Nal and J'onn J'onzz behind to be taken to an unknown location, disregarding their safety. He didn't mind if something bad happened to them and he acted carefree at this idea.

Querl was very practical, never saying more than needed. However, his words tended to be very textbook to the point of exasperation.

Powers and abilities


"I am Brainiac-5. Half-computer, half-organic lifeform, all Coluan, and, not to brag, but a 12th-level intellect. My name is Querl Dox, but the Legionnaires just call me Brainy."
—Querl Dox[src]
  • Coluan physiology: Being a techno-organic being, Querl's physiology allows him to shape his body and interact with technology.
    • Cybernetic interface/Technopathy:

      Brainy inside Kara's mind

      Querl is a Coluan cybernetic being. He is able to transfer the body in the form of digital code and teleport through any technology by flying into it while in digital form. He can use any electronics as a portal to another destination, traveling through electronic and digital signals, while he is unable to travel through older broadcasting signals. He can interface with any machinery and manipulate computer systems with a mere gesture, as well as detect digital electronics and signals, while he could not do so with older broadcasting signals and technology. Being incredibly multitasking, he can project his own mind into another via cybernetics devices and maintain enough clarity to speak at the same time with the person to which he is connected and the others in the real world.
      • Telekinesis: In addition to his ability to manipulate technology, Querl also can telekinetically maneuver it. It appears to extend to metallic objects as well. After being tortured, Querl was able to pull his legion ring to him, as well as the dog tag of one of the soldiers, pulling the soldier himself in the process. He was also able to telekinetically move a bottled Earth from his doppelgänger to himself.
    • Super strength: Querl's strength allowed him to immobilize J'onn with three strikes.
    • Flight: Being a Coluan, Querl has the ability to fly, although since he mainly uses his Legion ring to fly, it is unknown to how well he is capable of flying.
    • Enhanced durability: Querl's body is denser and more durable than a human's, but is not quite invulnerable, as he can still be injured with reasonable amounts of force, displaying when Alex broke free from his restrain and mananged to knock him out with a single punch but Querl was likely also caught off guard.
    • Self-repair: As a digital being, Querl is able to self-repair, though only if he is conscious, otherwise the Omegahedron can be used to reconstitute him. In addition, he appears to have a degree of enhanced healing factor, with him quickly recovered from being tortured.
    • Shapeshifting: Being a Coluan, Querl can change his appearance.
      • Malleability: Being a Coluan, Querl is able to manipulate his limbs to stretch and elongate to almost no limit and turn his limbs into blades that can pierce into Martians. He is able to absorb bullets harmlessly into his body if shot.
      • Voice mimicry: Querl succeeded to perfectly mimic Lauren Haley's voice.
    • Hyper-metabolism: As Querl even states himself, he has the capability of recovering from alcohol libation with remarkable speed.[48] Despite passing out from dozen mohitos, Brainy was sober and on his feet within minutes. Later, he was shown to consume boxes of donuts by himself within mere hours.[32]
  • Abilities via Legion ring: Each member of the Legion is granted a special ring that serves as a form of identification, along with granting each member several other capabilities. Since having the ring taken by The Hat, he lost these abilities. After the defeat of Manchester, Brainy's ring was returned to him.
    • Flight: The ring has been shown to enable Querl the ability to fly through unspecific means. It seems to be activated through a telepathic suggestion, as no thoughts or movements were taken to activate it. It appears that it allows Querl to fly in a more hover-like stance rather than the typical vertical form of flying found in Martian Manhunter or Supergirl.
    • Telepathy immunity: The ring has been shown to give the wearer the ability to resist telepathic abilities such as when M'yrnn J'onzz loses control in the D.E.O. and cause everyone to display violence towards each other.
    • Oxygen independence: Querl's ring grants him the power to breathe unaided in harsh environments such as the vacuum of space.
  • Abilities via Telepathic Crown: During his time in the Legion, Querl used a Telepathic Crown which grants him powers he normal doesn’t have.[49]
    • Telepathy: While wearing the Crown, Querl was able to connect Supergirl to everyone on the planet to help her with her speech. Querl also used it to connect to all the legionaries in the 31st century.[50]


"I'll beat you up. With physics."
—Querl Dox to the Children of Liberty[src]
  • Acrobatics: Querl is capable of including acrobatics in his fighting.
  • Genius-level intellect: Querl has a "12th-level intellect", meaning he is a genius even by the terms of the 31st century, thus, he possesses superhuman calculation skills, amazing memory, and exceptional technical know-how. This increased intellect gives him superior calculating abilities, an encyclopedic memory and innovating scientific knowledge even by Coluan standards. By concentrating the power and disciplined nature of his mighty mind he safely operated many 31st century devices with ease.
    • Eidetic memory: As an AI, Querl can memorize anything that he had seen, heard and fully recall them all.
    • Psychotherapy: Querl is trained in psychology and tried to use his skills to enter Kara Danvers' mind and help her to wake from her coma. He even helped James to recover from his PTSD using these incredible skills.
    • Multitasking: Querl can divide his attention to at least three different things at the same time. Such as helping the Legion battle Reign while talking to Kara's subconscious and doing the crossword. However, this does leave him open to mistakes; thankfully it was only the crossword, which he got wrong by thinking a eight letter word went in six spaces.
    • Expert pilot: Querl is an extremely skilled pilot; being able to drive the Legion cruiser when in battle with Reign.
    • Multilingual: Querl is fluent in various languages across the universe.
    • Skilled medic: After Alex Danvers sustained an injury to her leg when Reign lashed at her with a heavy chain, Querl was seen tending to her by mounting a device from the 31st century that looked Mon-El’s vaccine booster over the agent's damaged limb, and though Alex had to use crutches for a time because of the cast, she recovered quickly enough in due time.
    • Differential calculus: When Querl and Dreamer were battling hat, a fifth dimensional being who could disappear into and reappear from a hat, brainy was able to predict where he would reappear next using differential calculus. Also when Brainy was training Nia Nal in the fortress of solitude, Nia fought Querl blindfolded this was likely to get her to enhance her dreaming ability so she would foresee his next moves but Querl was also able to predict Nia’s next moves using his skill in differential calculus.
    • Ancestral memory: Querl possesses full ancestral memory, claiming to remember all the evil deeds his ancestors performed.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As a Legionnaire, Querl is highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. However, he has yet to overly exert himself in this regard, given his sophistication; such that his personal combat style leans more on the non-contact defensive, and is content with simply and calmly dodging incoming strikes, watching his adversaries tire themselves as they attempt to assault the Coluan with virtually no avail. In fact, thus far; there are but a handful of occasions where Querl got aggressive such as a case somewhat when he kicked down Pamela Ferrer to incapacitate her and when he and Sentinel/Alex had to defend the tower and prevent J’onn and M’gann from being interrupted when J’onn was trying to give M’gann his fragment of her soul, her life force using the ura’er’un in order to save her or when he fought hat and was able to determine where he would reappear using differential calculus.


"I'm not a machine! I'm techno-organic. I have emotions."
—Querl Dox
  • Computer viruses: Since Querl is an techno-organic being; he is subjected to computer viruses.
  • Ophidiophobia: Querl is deeply afraid of snakes; thus, he had difficulty confronting Pamela Ferrer due to her serpent-like Symbiote.[6]
  • Globophobia: Querl is afraid of balloons.
  • Emotional state: Querl can be disrupted by current emotional stress; for example, the experience of being prejudiced by his former friend at a pizza shop prevented Querl from completely focusing on a mission to help Kara escape from the Children of Liberty at L-Corp. After having his mind rebooted; Querl has lost all of his emotions, but after seeing Nia Nal in mortal danger, his emotions returned and he went back to normal.
  • Extreme electrocution: Being electrocuted by extremely high voltage caused Querl's mind to reboot, stripping him from all emotions. In addition, it caused a green substance to come from his mouth; likely some kind of bloodlike interval fluid.
  • Faceciousness: Querl admits this to be his greatest weakness. He initially takes the levity and sarcasm of others literally. Although he has made some progress in getting past this.

Former weaknesses

  • Personality inhibitors: While Querl was wearing his inhibitors, he was unable to connect to the big brain and also somewhat emotionally deficient, therefore; couldn't use the the full extent of his powers. Now that Querl removed the inhibiters; this is no longer a weakness.


Original multiverse

  • Personality inhibitors: Querl use to wear personality inhibitors his father gave him when he was little So he wouldn’t become cruel and ruthless like his ancestors.[1]
  • Legion suit: Querl wore a protective suit during battle.[5]
  • Legion ring: Querl's legion ring allows him to fly, communicate with other legion members who have a ring, oxygen independency, and, under specific circumstances, travel through time.[5]
  • Image inducer: Querl uses an inducer to make himself look like a normal human; when he goes out in public. It also allows him to take on the appearance of others such as Ben Lockwood.[51]

New multiverse

  • Brainiac 5 suit: Since reconnecting to the big brain, Querl has undergone a transformation that in result gave him a new protective suit.[1]
  • Legion ring: Querl's legion ring allows him to fly and communicate with other legion members who have a ring, remove the need for oxygen, and, under specific circumstances, travel through time.[1]
  • Image inducer: Querl uses an inducer to make himself look like a normal human when he goes out in public.[1]
  • Life projectors: Brainiac 5 and Querl Dox transferred their own life projectors to him. This allows Brainy to communicate with them.[1]
  • Telepathic crown: During his time in the Legion, Querl used a telepathic crown so he could talk to all the legionaries. When he came to the 21st century he brought the crown with him and used it in the final fight for the AllStone Totem.[52]

Former equipment

  • Personality inhibitors: Querl used to wear personality inhibitors his father gave him when he was little so he wouldn’t become as cruel and ruthless like his ancestors. After talking with his doppelgängers, Querl took them off and no longer uses them.[1]



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  • Indigo is also Coluan, and a descendant from the "Brainiac clan",[2] originally called Brainiac 8. However, there is no confirmation of what the lineage connection between Brainiac 5 and Indigo is. However, it is likely that Indigo is one of his ancestors, due to Brainy being from the future and also part of the "Brainiac clan".
  • At some point in his life during the 31st century, Brainy was on a dark path and was using his intellect for not-so-good purposes… like his ancestors. However, he was arrested and given a choice to change presumably by the Legion of Super-Heroes and to use his intellect in the service of good. He stated that he didn’t want the responsibilities or burdens of a superhero. Nevertheless, Brainy chose to be a superhero and hasn’t regretted it.
  • Before Brainy left the 31st century to live in the 21st Century, he was the Best friend of Mon-El.
  • Querl’s use of an image inducer to allow him to pass unnoticed in public is reminiscent of Marvel’s X-Man Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner.
  • In the timeline where the Blight existed, Brainy had noticeable shades of purple to his skin tone. When he returned to the past due to the threat of the Evil One's AI-destroying virus, he has completely pale blue without the purple shades.
  • He uses "sprock" as an expletive.[5]
  • Brainy was homeschooled.[53]
  • Brainy uses the alias "Barney Fife" when purchasing coffee and pizza.[51]
    • His human alias is based on his Coluan "title", as opposed to his true name.
  • Brainy's favorite pizza is apples and olives.[51]
  • He has ophidiophobia, a fear of snakes.[6]
  • Since living in the 21st century, Brainy has watched many classic movies, recommended by both Mon-El and Kara.
  • According to Brainy, he's had "romantic" experiences in his life, but Nia Nal was the first person whom he ever loved.[57]
  • Nia's nickname for him is "Wild-Cat".[23]
  • Every Tuesday, Brainy does pilates and gets a croissant and tea from a nearby patisserie.[58]
  • Brainy is known to stress eat,[59] which is likely a habit he picked up from studying 21st century habits; Brainy notably stated so when he ordered 10 pizzas in "American Alien" that " times of crisis, the consumption of unhealthy junk good tends to help."
  • Brainy is afraid of balloons, especially when they pop.

Behind the scenes

  • As the series progresses, Brainy's dialogue, while still refined. noticeably gets less sophisticated and to the point, losing the near-roundabout speaking he started with.
  • In the DC comics, Brainiac 5 is a descendant of the well-known enemy of Superman, Brainiac, a prominent member of Legion of Super-Heroes.
    • In the Pre-52 comics, Brainiac 5 was the longest romantic partner of Kara Zor-El, as they both were members of The Legion.
  • Brainy has the most appearances out of all The Legion members.
  • Netflix subtitles occasionally mistake his name for "Kor-El" instead of "Querl."