The Quicklings are soldiers that joined Johnny Quick's side once he killed 10% of Central City.



In 2014, Johnny Quick introduces himself to the world on TV and announced that he's going to kill 10% of Central City and seconds later, he did what he says. This caused people to side with him so that they don't have to suffer his reign of terror. One of the most notable rule is that Quicklings that failed to the task, are banished from the City where since there is no sign of life Miles away, it's commonly refer as a death sentence.[1]

Fighting the Rogues

At some point after Quick took the power, a resistance group was formed called the Rogues. They kidnapped a Quickling in order to extract information and Johnny Quick scoured the whole city to find a missing Quickling. When he finally located him at the Augustyn Tower, in the captivity of the Rogues. Quick vibrated the ground with his feet to make the building fall, killing everyone inside, including the Rogues member Lisa Snart.[1]

New speedster arrival and downfall

In 2016, a new speedster was spotted in the no-go zone. Quicklings order him to get out but keep asking where is Harrison Wells and they respond that Harrison Wells is dead and start firing but got surprised that he was as fast as Quick. They would later inform Johnny Quick of the new speedster's presence in Central City back at their headquarter Speed Central. Later, Fred Chyre a patrol guard was captured, and interrogated by the Quickling to get information. Some times later, the new speedster entered Speed Central and encounter a captive meta called Clyde Mardon there, he fights Johnny Quick the first time. After the speedster escaped the fight, Johnny Quick faces him again on the street and this time, he was stooped. This caused the Rogues to win and the remaining Quickling to surrender putting a end to Johnny Quick and his reign of terror.[1]

Known members

Former members




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