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"Quid Pro Quo" is the tenth episode of Constantine. It aired on January 23, 2015.



Geraldine Chandler

Geraldine Chandler.

Zed was about to run away, believing that the mill was not a safe place and they might find her again. John tried hard to find out who he was still running from, hearing the name of the fanatic organization - the resurrection crusade - in response. When the exorcist found out that her friend's father was her leader, he understood her fears, promising protection as strong as his abilities would allow. The conversation was interrupted by a bloody appearance on the bloody map pointing to New York. Constantine understood that it might have something to do with Chase, who at this point was headed to his family to meet his daughter. They decided to prepare for the trip by taking with them many useful things, including the tendon from the Achilles heel. Meanwhile, Chas entered the ex-wife's house, who was angry with the man for being late. He was not going to listen to her and immediately went upstairs to greet his daughter. But he noticed her unconscious, lying on the floor.

When Zed and John got a message from Chas, they went to the hospital where he was staying. There he told his friends what had happened and stated that it was not an ordinary coma, as many patients suffered from the same. Constantine decided to check and found that Geralidne's soul was leaving the body. Horrified by the fact that some magician had managed to separate soul from body, he decided to contact an old friend who was a medium. Renee interrupted the conversation and returned to the room. She was furious that John had approached her daughter and expected an explanation from her ex-husband, but he heard only in response to help. Soon after, the three visited Fennel's store, which began to threaten Constantine with a shotgun. He wanted to help Zed and Chas, but he was not going to work with an eccentric exorcist who only thinks about himself. Desperate, Chandler, however, did not have time to negotiate with the man, so he tore his gun away and knocked him out, forcing him to help.

Renee Chandler

Renee Chandler.

Fennel performed a ritual which allowed Geraldine to speak through his mouth. Then this one was interrupted and the mysterious magician was surprised that someone was taking advantage of one of his victims. He recognized John and said he wouldn't be so easily defeated this time by burning Fennel's body alive. Constantine, however, remembered the spell cast by him and wrote it to Zed. Thanks to this, she tracked the location of the potential kidnapper, where the team went right after that. On the spot, John deactivated the camouflage spell, discovering the mage's hideout, who turned out to be Felix Faust - a powerful wizard who managed to separate the body from the soul and intends to use it to increase his own power. The furious Chas, wanting to get his daughter back, attacked the mage, and Constantine had to make a pact with him. He was to return Geraldine's soul in exchange for helping the exorcist get rid of the Karabasana demon, to which the exorcist agreed. After leaving the hideout, John, furious with Chandler for not obeying him, dismissed him from the case and decided to act alone with Zed.

John and Zed went to an abandoned warehouse, which was probably the hideout of the demon. Martin agreed to act as bait in order to drag the monster into the previously prepared magic circle. Once Karabasan was in it, Constantine tried to set the circle on fire, but the lighter refused to obey. Therefore, to save his friend from danger, he used a stun gun, destroying the demon with tremendous voltage. Immediately after that, they returned to the hospital to return with Chas to meet Faust. Hearing this name, Renee intended to help the team, fearing for her daughter. Zed decided to stay with the woman to guard her daughter's body. Soon after, during a meeting with Felix, the magician broke the contract that John had defeated Karabasana by dissipating energy, rather than sending him to Hell as the contract mentioned at the beginning. Seeing no other way out, Constantine took his nervous friend outside, where he tried to calm him down. The latter, however, was not going to give up and stunned his friend, locking him in the car. He himself went to the magician with a proposal, offering him 32 souls in exchange for one - the soul of his daughter. Faust did not believe that one body could be such a "capacious vessel," so Chandler decided to show it to him by killing himself before his eyes.

Meanwhile, Zed and Renee were guarding Geraldine's body in the hospital, knowing there was not much time left. The mother blamed herself for being unable to help her own child when she found out that Martin was a psychic. She asked her to try to contact her daughter, which she did. However, the connection was broken and all the pain from the girl shifted to the woman. Doctors took care of the case, and Renee found the address she had decided to go to in the scattered things from the woman's purse. At that time, Chas came back to life, surprising Faust, who was ready to accept the man's proposal. The latter, however, expected a handshake to "complete" the deal when John woke up and was about to save his friend. Chandler understood perfectly well that the magician could deceive him and tied him to himself with a tendon from his Achilles' heel, then pulled a grenade from his pocket and pulled the pin, waiting for death. Then Renee appeared in the building, whom Chas ordered John to protect, shouting his last words before the explosion, which resulted in Faust being killed and the souls returned to their rightful owners.

Felix Faust

Felix Faust.

Several dozen minutes later, after the fire brigade arrived, John had the opportunity to quietly talk to Renee. He explained to her that Chas would be back and it would be long enough, depending on how violent his death was. He also tried to make excuses to himself that he didn't want to stand between their relationship and if he could change the time he would fix it. However, this cannot be done, and only thanks to him Chandler is still alive, like many other people. The next morning, Chas visited Renee who was happy to see him. The man took a certain album and went upstairs to see his daughter, to whom he introduced his friends - people whose souls inhabit his body. Meanwhile, Constantine waited in the hospital for Zed to wake up. When this happened, a weakened woman said that John's mother did not want him to blame himself for her death. Surprised by these words, he lay down next to his friend and began to think about his life.


  • The Latin "quid pro quo" is often rendered into English as "tit for tat" or "something for something", although the former has a greater sense of retribution, whereas the Latin merely declares the exchange.
  • This episode features the first mention King Arthur, Merlin, and Aleister Crowley in the Arrowverse, prior to them appearing on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • The club fire at the beginning of the episode holds a striking similarity to the Station Nightclub fire (complete with references to too many people blocking the doors) of the 20th February 2003, which claimed the lives of 100 people
  • Felix Faust named himself after Faust who had sold his soul to the devil for supernatural powers, and decided to do the same.
  • By the end of this episode, it is revealed that Chas has 30 lives left, out of 47.
  • Bill de Blasio, is mentioned to be the mayor of New York City.


  • The grenade's spoon is shown to flip away twice; once when Chas lets it go while holding the grenade, and once when he lets the grenade drop in the next shot.
  • When John and Zed arrive in Geraldine's hospital room, Geraldine's head changes positions. When they first arrive and Geraldine is in the foreground with Chas, John, and Zed in the background, her head is turned to her right facing the window. The camera angle then changes to be behind the Chas, John, and Zed, with Geraldine in the background, and Geraldine's head is now turned to her left (facing the group and the door).