"Quid Pro Quo" is the tenth episode of Constantine. It aired on January 23, 2015.


Thousands of people across Brooklyn have slipped into a mysterious coma, including Chas' daughter. John must find and defeat the evil behind it before it consumes the city.[src]


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  • The Latin "quid pro quo" is often rendered into English as "tit for tat" or "something for something", although the former has a greater sense of retribution, whereas the Latin merely declares the exchange.
  • This episode features the first mention King Arthur and Merlin in the Arrowverse, prior to them appearing in person on DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • The club fire at the beginning of the episode holds a striking similarity to the Station Nightclub fire (complete with references to too many people blocking the doors) of the 20th February 2003, which claimed the lives of 100 people
  • Felix Faust named himself after Faust who had sold his soul to the devil for supernatural powers, and decided to do the same.
  • By the end of this episode, it is revealed that Chas has 30 lives left, out of 47.


  • The grenade's spoon is shown to flip away twice; once when Chas lets it go while holding the grenade, and once when he lets the grenade drop in the next shot.
  • When John and Zed arrive in Geraldine's hospital room, Geraldine's head changes positions. When they first arrive and Geraldine is in the foreground with Chas, John, and Zed in the background, her head is turned to her right facing the window. The camera angle then changes to be behind the Chas, John, and Zed, with Geraldine in the background, and Geraldine's head is now turned to her left (facing the group and the door).


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