"[REC.]" is the eighth chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on November 28, 2012.



Three teenage boys set up a camera, preparing for their mission to find the Starling City vigilante, known as "The Hood". One of them is skeptical that The Hood even exists. The cameraman and the group's leader, Pat, recount the vigilante's activities since his emergence to affirm his existence, including taking down Martin Somers at the Starling City Docks[1] and stopping a prison riot.[2]

The trio drive to Starling Port at the docks. The skeptical teen is wary of the area, but Pat and cameraman decide they need to be "where the bad guys hang" in order to get footage of the vigilante. They search the docks, with Pat using a special light to locate hidden footprints. Suddenly, they hear a gunshot and quickly hide behind a truck.

The teens watch as a group of mobsters prepare to dispose of the body of a "snitch" they shot. The cameraman assures the group they will be safe once they find The Hood, to which his friend angrily protests again that the vigilante doesn't exist. Just then, a group of mobsters corner them at gunpoint.

The boys are tied up and brought to the mob's leader. They plead for their lives, promising they didn't see anything. Upon revealing their search for the vigilante, the leader of the mob taunts that no one is coming to save them and prepares to have one of his men execute the trio. Suddenly, The Hood shoots the gun out of the man's hand and kills him. The boys flee and take cover, watching while the vigilante kills all the mobsters.

In awe, the teens thank The Hood for saving them. As the vigilante prepares to leave, Pat stops him. He reveals he wanted to find The Hood to personally thank the vigilante for saving the life of his older brother Dave, a guard at Redwood United Bank (which the Royal Flush Gang tried to rob).[3] The Hood accepts the gratitude, expressing how the city needs more people like Dave before leaving.

The boys then find their camera and realize it had been running the entire time with footage of The Hood defeating the mobsters. However, The Hood swipes the camera with a grappling arrow, much to their disappointment.



  • The synopsis states that four teens try to find the vigilante, but the issue features only three teens.



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