"No one lives forever."
—Rachel Rosso to Ramsey Rosso[src]

Dr. Rachel Rosso (1956–2019) was the mother of Ramsey Rosso and a friend of Caitlin Snow. She died after being diagnosed with HLH cancer.


Rachel was born in 1956. Years later, she had a son named Ramsey.

At some point, she became an attending physician at Central City Hospital and supervised many medical residents, including her favorite resident, Caitlin Snow. She eventually realized that Caitlin was into cutting-edge tech, and when she graduated, Rachel sent a letter of recommendation to S.T.A.R. Labs, landing Caitlin straight to her dream career.

Rachel Rosso's grave

A few years later, Rachel was diagnosed with HLH cancer. To make the most of her remaining time, she checked things off of her bucket list, as she already knew her chances of survival were slim, even with continual treatment, until she finally passed away in 2019.[1]


Rachel's final actions—accepting the harsh reality and crossing out her bucket list—were deemed cowardly by her own son Ramsey, who felt like Rachel didn't even try to fight the disease. When Ramsey learned of the high chance of him to also be afflicted by HLH cancer due to genes he inherited from his mother, he devised a way to use dark matter in curing every cancer patient. He asked his friend Caitlin to lend him dark matter to start human trials, to which she politely declined, as it could have dire consequences. Ramsey found another way of gaining dark matter and when he tested it on himself, it changed his body's physiology, reducing the potential HLH markers in his system, but also changing his overall biology.[1]


The Flash

Season 6


  • Rachel preferred her latte with a bit of cinnamon.[1]


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