Raelene Sharp (died November 2018), nicknamed Razorsharp by Vanessa Ambres, was a meta-human criminal who was killed by Cicada in his vendetta.


Under unknown circumstances, Raelene Sharp gained meta-human powers allowing her to turn her hands into metal blades. At some point prior to late 2018, she had an encounter with Cicada but managed to escape.

Using her powers, Raelene put five people in the hospital.

In November 2018, Raelene was at CC Jitters getting coffee. Cicada was also there at the same time and followed Raelene to her car. Upon seeing him, Raelene smugly recounted her previous warning for Cicada to leave her alone before engaging him in a duel. Using her arm blades, Raelene soon managed to disarm Cicada of his dagger and slash his side. As she was about to finish Cicada off, the dagger suddenly came flying back toward them, negating Raelene's powers before impaling her in the back, killing her.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Raelene's was infused with dark matter which altered and supercharged her cells, turning her into a meta-human and thereby allowing her to access to his powers.


  • Expert combatant: Raelene was able to fight on par with and eventually overpower Cicada.[1]
    • Expert knife welder: Raelene used her blades to block all of Cicada's attacks and disarm him of his dagger. She even seriously wounded Cicada and would've likely killed him had it not been for her powers being negated by the dagger.[1]


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