Dr. Rafael Rodriguez is a resident of Gotham City and doctor of Gotham General Hospital.


Early one morning, Dr. Rodriguez was assigned to care for Ryan Wilder and, after reading her preliminary file about her tests, went to talk to her personally; he found her with Angelique Martin, who had accompanied Ryan to the hospital. When Dr. Rodriguez asked Ryan about the origin of her wound, Ryan told him that she had a spider bite. The doctor prescribed pain killers but offered no true help, which upset Angelique. Dr. Rodriguez told the women that Ryan lacked insurance so she could not afford further testing on her medical case, causing Angelique to tell him to have the tests done because Angelique would pay for them herself out of pocket.

After performing the tests, Dr. Rodriguez was baffled by the results.

That evening, the doctor called Ryan and told her that he needed to test her further because her "spider bite" was marred by radiation that he could not explain.[1]



Season 2


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