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"Rage of Caliban" is the sixth episode of Constantine. It aired on November 28, 2014.




Guest starring[]




Henry (Constantine)


A tragedy struck late in the evening in Birmingham as a result of which the entire family was brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances in their own home. When one of the neighbors heard screams, he ran and started knocking in horror at the door, but no one answered. Meanwhile, in an unknown way, the entire bloodied father levitated from the ceiling, begging for an end to his torment. After a while he fell to the ground and died, and the whole incident was watched by the girl sitting against the wall, the only one who survived the tragedy. Soon after that, the police showed up and secured the area and took care of the child who had been taken away by social services shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, John, after an intoxicating night with Nora, was awakened by her, who in a hurry and fear began to drive the man out of the house. She informed him that her boyfriend was coming soon and needed to go quickly, then she gave him the clothes and let him out the window. After this incident, Constantine went to the mill, where he prepared himself breakfast. Chas, in Zed's absence, decided to help John in the next steps, despite his reluctance, and traveled to Birmingham to investigate the strange murder of the entire family. They drove to the houses of the dead, where Constantine decided to check what had happened there, when Chandler was supposed to protect the rear. During the investigation, Manny appeared who once again mentioned that the forces of darkness are growing in power and will be even more difficult to overcome. John tried to force him to say what had happened in the house, but he could not do so, explaining that after giving free will to humans, angels were forbidden to interfere in events. The exorcist investigated the matter further, discovering that the girl who survived the attack was controlled by an entity inhabiting her body.



Meanwhile, in another house in the same town, Henry's parents were awakened by their son's scream, fearing that someone was in his room. Daryl and his wife checked the room to prove to him that he was safe, then returned to each other. The young man, however, was still stressed when he suddenly noticed a strange posture behind the curtain. He cried out in fear, and as his parents ran into the room, he showed calm, informing them that everything would be fine from now on. At the same time, in one of the bars, John met his friend Becca Schultz, who as a lawyer consulted the sources and obtained the documents for the exorcist regarding the last unexplained death of the whole family, except for the child. The man, however, could not come close to the victims of similar incidents, but he had the opportunity to contact the first of them, a certain Marcello Panneti, who was currently in a psychiatric hospital, where he also went. On the spot, one of the doctors described the Panneti case to him and briefly told him its story. Constantine then approached the patient he was trying to talk to. Hearing no answer, he stepped closer and saw that Marcell could not be contacted in any way.

That same night, Henry began to set traps in the house, one of which was climbed by the father, who did not see the suspect in the son. John and Chase, on the other hand, decided to return to the mill, where they tried to find a trail. There, the exorcist saw that all similar killings were on one geomagnetic line, which allowed them to predict the next victim. Immediately afterwards, John was looking for something to capture the beast when, in the artifacts, Chas found the Night Sword that forced the user to tell the truth. Thus, he accidentally revealed that John was too self-righteous and that his wife had departed from him. The exorcist quickly took the artifact from his friend and tried not to comment on the whole incident, finding the item he had been looking for. Soon after, they returned to Birmingham, where they set out to find another youth controlled by the spirit. During the day, Constantne watched Henry play in the school playground. He noticed his strange behavior and called his teacher to react. Unfortunately, it was too late and the young man hurt his peer, for which he was blamed by the school. Soon after, John went to the boy's house, where he pretended to be the new school counselor. As he was let into the house as soon as he approached Henry, he unexpectedly showed his parents with the help of a mandrake root that he was not their son. This angered Daryl, who stunned Constantine. When he woke up, he was in custody, and his prison companion turned into Manny, with whom he had an argument. After a short time, the accusations were withdrawn by Clarie, who saw the change in her son and wanted to know how to deal with it.

Marcello Panneti

Marcello Panneti.

They went for coffee together, where John explained what was happening to her son and came up with a plan, fearing an exorcism after what happened to Astra. He ordered the woman to return home, trick his son to sleep, and then return to him. After she did so, she met Constantin and Chas in one of the abandoned houses nearby, who were going to help with the ritual. It was the home of the first tragedy of its kind, to which John intended to bind his spirit. Unfortunately, the trial was unsuccessful. Chandler had the idea that Marcello was never possessed, he only killed his parents himself. So they decided to go home, but the boy started to run away, stunning Daryl. John chased him and caught him in the Fear Room, where he drove the Panneti spirit out of Henry's body, which he then gave to his parents. As it turned out, Marcello himself murdered his parents, but the act was so traumatic that the soul left the body and began to kill. During the exorcism, John sent the boy's soul into his body, which was under the care of doctors from the psychiatric hospital, thanks to which he could not harm anyone else.


  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature Angélica Celaya (Zed Martin).
  • The best known literary Caliban appears in Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and is the misshapen son of a witch, with magical powers of his own. The codename has, however, been used in comics on several occasions.
  • A trick-or-treater can be seen dressed as Robin, another famous DC character, famously known for being the sidekick of Batman.
  • Chas is shown playing with the "Sword of Night." This is used by the DC comic hero known as Nightmaster who made his comic debut in Showcase #82 (May 1969). The sword is able to make people tell the truth, deflect magical energies, and warn the user of danger.
  • Though the stairs of Vulcan shown in the skyline of Birmingham look like plaster, the tall statue of Vulcan is bronze.