"Look, George, I don't care about movies, but guys like them? They do. So before you get in that car and drive back to Modesto, just think about them, okay? Them, and all the millions of other people that your stories will someday inspire. The future of the entire world is at stake. And you're our only hope."
Amaya Jiwe to George Lucas
"Raiders of the Lost Art" is the ninth and midseason premiere episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It aired on January 24, 2017.


When Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn try to capture Rip Hunter in 1967, they create an Aberration big enough to draw the attention of the Legends. However, when the team arrives they discover that Rip has no memories of his past due to “time drift” and is just a graduate film student. After trying to convince Rip of who he was, they discover that he possesses an incredibly powerful artifact known as the Spear of Destiny, which the Legion of Doom is after. Ray and Nate realize that the Aberration has also affected them personally making it difficult to help the team. Meanwhile, Rory asks Stein for help and makes him promise to keep it a secret from the team.[src]


Preparation ran from October 14 until October 24, 2016. Shooting ran from October 25 until November 3, 2016.[1]


Behind the scenes

  • The episode's title is a reference to the 1981 Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, particularly due to its significance in Nate Heywood's life.
    • Raiders of the Lost Ark is a film written by George Lucas and directed by his friend Steven Spielberg.
  • This episode includes many references to the Star Wars franchise:
    • In some parts of the episode, Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk fire at the Waverider with laser guns. In Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, stormtroopers used similar weapons to fire at the Millennium Falcon.
    • George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, has a major role in this episode.
    • When Ray, Nate, Amaya and George Lucas were trying to save themselves in the trash compactor, they used a metal galilee to stop the compactor's walls. In Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the heroes did the same thing.
    • Ray mentioned the names of the first two Star Wars movies, A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.
    • Amaya told George Lucas that he is their only hope. This is a reference Princess Leia's famous line from the first Star Wars film: "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope".
    • When Ray takes the helm of the Waverider, he mentions he will "have to channel my inner Han Solo."
    • When Amaya knocked out Malcolm Merlyn during their fight, the Wilhelm scream sound effect is heard. The sound effect was used many times during the Star Wars movies. The Wilhelm Scream is also where Lucas and Speilberg got the name for Temple of Doom's heroine, Willie Scott.
    • George Lucas's alternate reality has him winning "Insurance Salesman of the Year" in 1977, 1980, and 1983. Those are the years which the original Star Wars trilogy movies were released.
  • George Lucas's car's license plate is "THX 138", in reference to one of his movies, THX-1138.


  • Nate blasts "Ante Up" by M.O.P. in order to help him concentrate while reading.
  • The plot of this episode is very similar to the plot of the Doctor Who story "Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood".
  • Nate names the trio of Eobard Thawne's syndicate the Legion of Doom after a Hanna-Barbera cartoon he watched as a child. This is a meta-reference to the Legion's origins, who, while featuring DC characters, premiered in the Hanna-Barbera TV series Challenge of the Super Friends.
  • When Ray and Nate are arguing about which movie of George Lucas to watch, Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark, Amaya suggested (from Gideon's list of George Lucas' movies) that they could watch Howard the Duck, which both Ray and Nate refused to do. This is a reference to the original 1986 film, which is considered as one of the worst movies ever created.
  • Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Vixen) made her big screen debut in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Due to the aberration towards George Lucas forsaking directing films, Nate Heywood, who was previously inspired by Indiana Jones, becomes a yoga Instructor and Ray Palmer, who was previously inspired by Star Wars, becomes a cardiac surgeon.
    • Adding onto this is that Nate lost his powers since Ray was no longer a scientist.
  • Declan appears as a vision to Mick Rory.
  • Starting with this episode, new episodes of DC's Legends of Tomorrow now air on Tuesdays at 9 pm instead of the original time slot of Thursdays at 8 pm.


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