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"Look, George, I don't care about movies, but guys like them? They do. So before you get in that car and drive back to Modesto, just think about them, okay? Them, and all the millions of other people that your stories will someday inspire. The future of the entire world is at stake. And you're our only hope."
Amaya Jiwe to George Lucas

"Raiders of the Lost Art" is the ninth and midseason premiere episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It aired on January 24, 2017.




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The scene opens with a recognizable sight from the Season 2 debut - the Waverider going to slam into the submerged nuclear bomb in New York, 1942. Rip Hunter rushes through the boat, twofold checking the boat's fix system with Gideon. He finds a lance covered up inside the sections of flooring, before closing down Gideon's frameworks and planning to get a wad of vitality in the boat's time drive.

In the current day, Stein meanders through the Waverider in the night. He discovers Mick, conversing with another mind flight of Snart. Mick persuades Stein to help fix his cerebrum, yet undermines that he needs to stay quiet about it from the remainder of the gathering.

Likewise late around evening time, Nate peruses a book and tunes in to music in the library. Ray and Amaya whine to Nate about his music, and Nate uncovers that he's attempting to make sense of what the Legion of Doom - his name for Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, and Eobard Thawne - need with the two special necklaces.

Nate uncovers that he cell based dated the special necklace Sara quickly took from Damien Darhk, with its inception around 30 AD, yet that he can't discover records of either ornament. Amaya finds the two ornaments are really parts of one talisman, which Nate perceives as the Longines Medallion.

Nate awakens the remainder of the group to enlighten them concerning the Longinus Medallion. As indicated by him, the blood of Christ fell onto Longinus' emblem and lance, giving it supernatural forces. The special necklace calls its wearer straightforwardly to the lance, and the lance can revise reality. Nate uncovers that while time distortions can be fixed, these progressions to reality from the 'Lance of Destiny' are lasting.

Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk finish the ornament's bearing 1967 Los Angeles. Merlyn concedes that the ornament is vague in the area of the lance. They approach two bikers, who take steps to ransack the pair.

In the library, Nate and Sara find by means of Gideon that the two bikers were killed, causing a minor time abberation. Sara perceives the strategy as a League of Assassins move, and plots a course to discover Merlyn and Darhk before they discover the Spear of Destiny.

Sara, Nate, Ray, Amaya, and Jax show up in 1967, where they discover a studio backlot for a film called 'Legends.' Inside, entertainers go through a scene, assuming the jobs of Captain Rip Hunter and Vandal Savage. The genuine Rip Hunter - presently with an American articulation - is coordinating the undertaking.

Rip approaches his companion George to request exhortation on the undertaking, just to be drawn nearer by Merlyn and Darhk. The Legends show up, training the scalawags to escape. Rip doesn't perceive the group. The Legends battle Merlyn and Darhk, while Jax attempts to separate Rip from the scene without much of any result. Police show up at the scene and capture Rip while the Legends and reprobates escape.

The Legends come back to the Waverider, the content to Rip's film close by. While Jax, Ray, and Sara question how Rip doesn't recollect them, they understand that Rip may have the Spear of Destiny.

Stein and Mick have such a treatment meeting, which is hindered by Sara. She shares the report about Rip, and tells both of them that they have to help determined to get him out of prison.

Sara, Stein, and Mick show up at the 1967 police headquarters, with Stein professing to be Rip's advisor. They find that Rip has been passing by the name Phil Gasmer while during the 1960s. They are directed to Rip in a holding room, where he doesn't perceive the group and shouts for help. Mick takes Rip out, and they escape with him from the police headquarters.

Merlyn and Darhk appear at the area, searching for the Legends.

The Legends discover an exit on the top of the area, where Rip attempts to escape from them, demanding he is presently hallucincating. Simply at that point, the Waverider shows up before him, making him drop.

Merlyn and Darhk show up on the rooftop, discharging their laser weapons at the Legends. The group scrambles onto the Waverider, which takes off.

With Rip now in the clinical inlet, Gideon uncovers to the group that Rip's mind has been totally reinvented as Phil Gasmer. Ray and Stein propose this was done through Rip's physical contact with the time drive, as a method of helping him travel out of the Waverider. Ray is incited by that idea for an obscure explanation and leaves the room. Gideon likewise uncovers that Rip got the Spear of Destiny before reaching the time drive.

Mick proposes to Stein that they think carefully scanner to figure out what's up with Mick's mind. Stein accepts that that won't work, rather recommending that Mick's mental trips are brought about by absolutely typical feelings he is feeling about Snart's death. Mick won't accept that, and requests that Stein utilize the mind scanner at any rate.

Ray discovers Amaya and Nate, who are searching for portrayals of the Spear of Destiny from the beginning of time. They disclose to Ray that Sara has requested that he help switch the impacts from the time drive on Rip's mind. Ray and Nate find that they have been having slips in memory since the squabble at Rip's film set.

Amaya and Gideon find that Rip's companion George, who was on set during that battle, is really George Lucas, and that his being at the battle prompted him turning into a vehicle sales rep rather than an executive. This abnormality made him never make Star Wars or Indiana Jones, films that made Ray and Nate go into their particular vocations.

Without those motion pictures in the current course of events, Ray and Nate don't have what it takes to support the group. Sara verifies that the group needs to discover George Lucas and get him once more into filmmaking to fix the abnormality.

George Lucas leaves a film school, dumping a crate of his props down a trash chute. Ray, Nate, and Amaya approach George outside. Ray and Nate attempt to converse with him, without much of any result. Amaya pulls George aside, requesting that he rethink his choice to stop film school, and to consider the a large number of individuals his accounts will rouse later on.

Back on the Waverider, Stein brings the cerebrum scanner into Mick's living quarters. The output uncovers that Mick has a gadget embedded in his cerebrum that basically capacities as a radio wire. Stein proposes that Snart may have fortified with the time vitality after his passing, making such a 'period phantom' that Mick can see.

Mick uncovers that the gadget in his cerebrum was embedded when Masters while they were indoctrinating him into turning out to be Kronos. Mick at that point starts to have a discussion with Snart's time apparition. Mick asks Stein to help get the gadget off of his mind, and Stein recommends that he and Gideon will make sense of how.

Rip discovers Sara in the Captain's quarters. Sara attempts to persuade him regarding his actual personality, however Rip despite everything doesn't trust her. She shares her anecdote about Rip selecting her to the Legends, a choice which gave her life reason.

Jax comes in, finding that Rip has put adaptations of the group inside his screenplay. Rip uncovers that the plot of his screenplay spins around discovering bits of the Spear of Destiny, propelled by an old bit of wood he had. When Jax and Sara solicit where the piece from the Spear of Destiny is, Rip uncovers that he offered it to his prop ace, George Lucas.

Ray, Nate, Amaya, and George are back at the film school, which George has chosen to remain joined up with. They are immediately stood up to by Merlyn and Darhk, who battle with Ray, Nate, and Amaya in the corridor. Merlyn takes Amaya's symbol, and he and Darhk request George discover the bit of the Spear of Destiny.

Merlyn and Darhk hold the four prisoner in George's apartment. Ray and Nate understand that because of the course of events changing, neither of them can get ready. Darhk stands up to George, and when George uncovers that he dumped the Spear of Destiny in the trash, Darhk asks where the closest city dump is.

In the Waverider, Sara and Jax suit up to discover the lance. They discover Stein preparing to work on Mick in the clinical cove, however rapidly dismiss it.

Merlyn and Darhk take the gathering of four to the city dump. The scalawags push the gathering inside a dumpster to discover the Spear of Destiny. To make the gathering move quicker, Merlyn enacts the waste compactor, shutting in the dividers of the dumpster.

George finds the lance, however the gathering advises him to conceal that from Merlyn and Darhk. George deviates, accepting that the lowlifess will murder them four in any case. Darhk prepares to shoot one of the four, just for the Waverider to plunge in and shoot both him and Merlyn down with lasers. Sara and Jax land the Waverider and battle with Merlyn and Darhk.

Rip, presently alone on the Waverider, demands to Gideon that he is a standard person and isn't Rip Hunter. Gideon advises him that Rip Hunter was likewise normal, yet that it was his boldness, no superpowers, that made him a saint. Rip addresses what precisely Rip Hunter would do to make all the difference.

Back in the refuse compactor, George demands that the gathering give Merlyn and Dark the Spear of Destiny, regardless of whether it gets the gathering slaughtered. Amaya, Ray, and Nate reject, advising him that he needs to accept he will proceed to make motion pictures to help Ray and Nate become their actual selves. George chooses to think, causing Nate to recapture his steel powers and Ray to get back the Atom suit.

The group escapes from the refuse compactor and helps battle Merlyn and Darhk. Amaya gets her symbol once more from Malcolm, recovering her forces too. Merlyn and Darhk begin to flee, deserting the special necklace them. The group gets it, just for every one of them to be wrecked by Eobard Thawne.

The Legion of Doom begins to figure out which of the Legends to execute first, just for Rip - furnished with his Captain Hunter outfit and his British intonation - to join the scene.

Rip points his firearm at Thawne, however it doesn't fire. Unmistakably Rip is as yet stuck as Phil Gasmer, and was simply professing to be Captain Hunter. In a final desperate attempt, Rip asks Gideon to fire at the Legion of Doom.

The Waverider sends a laser pillar at the Legion of Doom, thumping them to the ground. The Legends and George Lucas escape into the Waverider, yet Rip waits behind. Before the group can get to him, Rip is taken by Eobard Thawne. The Waverider takes off, Sara upset that Rip has been taken.

Sara sits in the payload sound, taking a gander at the bit of the Spear of Destiny. Jax strolls in and consoles that Sara couldn't have spared Rip before Eobard had gotten him. Sara gets that, yet at the same time feels like she bombed her obligations as skipper. Jax guarantees that the group will safeguard Rip, demanding that it's a guarantee, however a prescience.

Mick discloses to Stein that he isn't seeing Snart's time apparition any longer after the expulsion of the chip from his cerebrum. Stein uncovers that in spite of the fact that he did effectively evacuate the chip, it hasn't been working in months. They question if Mick is truly re-thinking the group, as the dreams of Snart recommend.

Since George Lucas' films are again part of the course of events, Nate sets up a film night for Ray and Amaya in the Captain's quarters. They banter which of Lucas' motion pictures to observe first, however then choose the state of mind is too grave in the wake of losing Rip once more. Gideon recommends that Rip would need the group to have a good time, and the trio settles in for their film night.

Rip is controlled to a seat in a baffling room. Eobard goes up against him about the Spear of Destiny, and Rip demands that he was feigning back at the junkyard and knows nothing about his actual character or about the lance. Merlyn and Darhk approach Rip, getting ready to torment him.


Preparation ran from October 14 until October 24, 2016. Shooting ran from October 25 until November 3, 2016.[1]



  • The episode's title is a reference to the 1981 Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, particularly due to its significance in Nate's life.
  • This episode includes many references to the Star Wars franchise:
    • In some parts of the episode, Malcolm and Darhk fire at the Waverider with laser guns. In Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, stormtroopers used similar weapons to fire at the Millennium Falcon.
    • George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, has a major role in this episode.
    • When Ray, Nate, Amaya, and George were trying to save themselves in the trash compactor, they used a metal galilee to halt the compactor's walls. In Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the heroes did the same thing.
    • Ray mentions the names of the first two Star Wars movies, A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.
    • Amaya tells George that he is their only hope. This is a reference to Princess Leia's famous line from the first Star Wars film: "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope".
    • When Ray takes the helm of the Waverider, he mentions he will "have to channel [his] inner Han Solo."
    • When Amaya knocks out Malcolm during their fight, the Wilhelm scream sound effect is heard. The sound effect was used many times during the Star Wars movies.
    • George's alternate reality has him winning "Insurance Salesman of the Year" in 1977, 1980, and 1983. Those are the years which the original Star Wars trilogy movies were released.
  • George's car license plate is "THX 138", in reference to one of his movies, THX 1138.
  • When Malcolm and Damien arrive at 1967 Los Angeles, The Dirty Dozen is seen playing at the cinema.
  • Posters for The Great Race and Cool Hand Luke are seen in George Lucas' room.
  • Nate blasts "Ante Up" by M.O.P. in order to help him concentrate while reading.
  • The plot of this episode is very similar to the plot of the Doctor Who story "Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood".
  • Nate names the trio of Eobard Thawne's syndicate the "Legion of Doom" after a Hanna-Barbera cartoon he watched as a child. This is a meta-reference to the Legion's origins, who, while featuring DC characters, premiered in the Hanna-Barbera TV series Challenge of the Super Friends.
  • When Ray and Nate are arguing about which George Lucas movie to watch, Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark, Amaya suggests (from Gideon's list of George Lucas' movies) Howard the Duck, which both Ray and Nate immediately refuse. This is a reference to the original 1986 film, which is considered as one of the worst movies ever created.
  • Amaya's actress, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, made her big screen debut in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Due to the aberration of George Lucas forsaking directing films, Nate, who was previously inspired by Indiana Jones, becomes a yoga instructor and Ray, who was previously inspired by Star Wars, becomes a cardiac surgeon.
    • Adding onto this is that Nate lost his powers since Ray was no longer a scientist.
  • Declan appears as a vision to Mick Rory.
  • Starting with this episode, new episodes of DC's Legends of Tomorrow now air on Tuesdays at 9 pm instead of the original time slot of Thursdays at 8 pm.


  • At the start of the episode, a cassette player was cleanly stopped by simply ejecting the cassette. This was not possible in many cassette players and for those that could eject whilst in play, it would make a distorted noise.
  • When Sara is posing as a nurse in 1967, she is wearing high heels. Nurses don't wear high heels; they wear rubber-soled flats to reduce the possibility of twisting an ankle and/or slipping.